Outline Some Of The Challenges To The Police Service In The 'post Macpherson' Era. Discuss This Statement With Reference To The Contribution Of Public Sector Partnerships

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IntroductionRacism within the police force is not a new concept and has been around for many years. Recent events such as the BBC TV documentary 'The Secret Policeman' highlight how now more than ever, there is a growing trend in racist officers entering the service. The programme consequently led to the suspension of seven police officers, from three different forces.Throughout this essay I aim to identify the main challenges to the police service as a result of the Macpherson report. I plan to look at the contribution of public sector partnerships in the post Macpherson era.Macpherson reportThe Macpherson Report was an inquiry into the failure of the Metropolitan Police to successfully ...view middle of the document...

But a survey carried out on the second anniversary of the Macpherson report revealed only 155 new officers from ethnic minority had been recruited in the past year compared to an increase of 261 in the year following the report. Almost all the report's 70 recommendations were to do with setting up internal procedures, policies and training programmes in the police force designed to make them more sensitive to issues of racism. Three recommendations called for more anti-racist education in schools. The most controversial proposal was to amend the law of 'double jeopardy' so that in certain circumstances a person could be tried twice for the same crime. This law has protected the five killers from being brought back to court.Macpherson proposed that police officers take the widest possible view of when to record an incident as racially motivated. This in effect meant that police officers were to treat an incident as racist when it is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.The recommendations made in the report had a huge impact on policing and the way in which police activities were to take place in the future. Due to the new rules and regulations laid out, police officers had a responsibility to become more aware and responsive to ethnic groups. It is commonly known throughout society that relations between ethnic minorities and the police are weak. There is a high level of distrust towards the police and incidents such as the Stephen Lawrence murder only heighten the distrust. Newspapers frequently report incidences of police misconduct, abuse, and brutality, and often the victims are from racial and ethnic minorities. It is imperative that the police work on increasing trust amongst minorities and try to gain their confidence.In a recent survey undertaken by minority groups it was noted that the main reasons for not reporting racist incidents included the fear of retaliation, the risk of making matters worse, not being worth the effort if no action was taken, and lack of trust in the police. The Macpherson report encouraged people to come forward and report racist incidents by allowing citizens to report these incidents 24 hours a day and not only at police stations. It proved successful as recent statistics show the number of reported racist incidents had risen by 175% in the year following the report. The number of arrests for racist incidents had also risen by 150%.www.lapa.org.uk/Poverty/Factsheets/Black%20and%20Minority%20Ethnic/ minority%20ethnic.htmA major challenge for the police is the fact they have to demonstrate that they are receptive to change, and able to implement reforms that benefit the ethnic minorities. The responsibility is on the police to reform their policies and actions, and not on ethnic minorities to accommodate present police policies.The report recommended that performance indicators be introduced to monitor the handling of racist incidents and levels of satisfaction with the police service among...

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