Outline How Material Things Favour The Activities Of Some Groups Of People Over Others On A Street You Know

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Outline how material things favour the activities of some groups of people over others on a street you know.

Material objects play a very important role in everyday lives and often happens that they are taken for granted so in consequence overlooked.Close investigation of activities on my chosen street: Leith Walk in Edinburgh along with comparison to City Road in Cardiff helped me to identify few inequalities.
Leith Walk is one of the longest streets in Edinburgh and is situated in very multi cultural part of the city-Leith, which was originally separated from Edinburgh until the merger in 1920.It’s worth to mention that City Limits Bar on Leith Walk stands exactly on the old line ...view middle of the document...

In one hand, we have cyclists who want a minimisation of cars parked on a street.In other hand, reduction of parking spaces would have had negative impact on the local businesses who need them for their customers.So, we can clearly see that, what can be perceived by some group of people as removal of an inequality by other can be seen as an act of creation of a new inequality( Making social lives scene 5).
As I mentioned before Leith Walk is one of the longest streets in the capital.Fully equipped with a huge variety of eating establishments and shops.High level of diversity and multicultural environment automatically creates multiple identities.As a result Leith Walk became a home for many “exotic” places, one of them is an Italian Delicatessen run by Italians called “Gaia”.They offer big selection of italian sausages, cheese, pasta etc.They also serve coffee and traditional italian food. Although, Leith Walk is full of multicultural places where you can taste different types of cuisine and feeling the sense of British identity at the same time, in this case we have an example of the place where everything is italian from the bottom to the top.It is obvious that this kind of places naturally favour italian communities and italian food lovers. On City Road for example we can find a place run by Nof Al-Kelaby called the Mezza Luna...

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