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Outline Difference And Inequality On A Street That You Kmow

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Kristina Williams 11th November 2014
TMA02 Part 1 750 words
Drawing on what you have learned outline difference and inequality on a street that you know
Difference is due to the fact that people have physical disabilities like Stephen Speakman in (Precarious Lives) who has a physical disability and that is why he has to use a wheelchair
Inequality means having a good social being for example John Arthur who lives on the street due to the fact that different things have happened to him i.e. him being in jail (Challenges and changes on the street).
In this TMA I am going to write about a place that I know very well and that place is called Breck Road situated in my home town of ...view middle of the document...

But it also for the everyday people who want to go there for a game of pool or snooker and to have a right good old natter just like the people that go to the Municipal club on city road they also go to their club because they like to have a game of cards or crib and that is said in the video Belonging to the street they go there because of the nostalgia that belongs with the older generation of the club Video Belonging to the street (Life and times of the street open university 2014)
There are some inequalities on breck road and one example of inequality on breck road is that of the types of people that live there on breck road, you have the upper class people and the lower class, the upper class people live in the big Victorian houses which are very grand and eye catching and pleasing to the eye, and then you have the lower class people that live in the not so grand houses which are your everyday 2 up 2 down homes. You also have inequalities of such like were people tend to go shopping for example the not so wealthy people will go to the local flea market which is called Great homer street market and you can get all of your shopping there for a full week for less than £20 and then other bargains there if you’re on a budget and then you have the other end of the scale were the wealthier...

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