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Outlet Of Personal Expression Essay

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Lance Mayo
ENG 101
November 22, 2013
Persuasive Essay

An Outlet for Personal Expression

Doodles of skulls and flowers or significant works of art? Tattoos often times give people a negative image of others. Despite the message or meaning behind them, some people without them find tattoos to be unprofessional and inappropriate. Permanent body art can be inappropriate in certain settings; especially if they reference profanity, racial, sexist, or obscene thoughts. People are sensitive to those subjects and judge others impartially. Tattoos should not be a deciding factor in an interview or position for a job because tattoos should not measure ones capability of doing work. ...view middle of the document...

But how much of our identity is lost when we select "female," "African-American" or "Muslim?””. Ones identity is not just where they come from or their sex, it is how they choose to express themselves and how they choose to be seen by the world and their peers.
Jobs such as artists, writers, rock stars, photographers, and entertainers are careers that are open to tattoos. Dance is most commonly thought of when someone mentions a career in which tattoos are not permitted. However, tattoos are becoming more and more accepted in todays culture. According to Body Image: Are Tattoos Taboo? (An article in Dance Magazine), Fabio Tavares, a performer apart of STREB dance company says,  "In some cases, choreographers want to show the tattoos. Only one time was I required to cover a tattoo, and I think it had more to do with the character in the piece than the choreographer's preference”. In the dance world, tattoos are being used to dancers’ advantage rather than as reason for them being turned down. Job interviewers, while not legally allowed to discriminate because of tattoos, do so often. Tattoos that are hidden to employers do not pose a problem. Tattoos that tend to cause problems are tattoos that are visible (e.g. facial, hand or wrist). Although it is not legal, job interviewers would choose an applicant without tattoos over an applicant with tattoos even if the two credentials were the same.

Tattoos are used for more then just art purposes but for practical purposes as well. Some women have found that it is a hassle to apply makeup on a daily basis, so they have gotten tattoos of eyeliner, eyebrows, and lipstick. In addition to that men who are balding have found that they could tattoo there scalps to...

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