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Outage And Downtime Essay

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Term Paper: Downtime and Outage

Aliaksandr Piatrou
Course SEC 6010: Planning for Information Security
Instructor: Mr. Dwight Robinson
December 10, 2015

An outage or downtime at the online reservation system Sabre caused difficulties for many airlines, hotels and other hospitality industries all around the world. It affects business credibility, causes loss in revenue and legal procedures. Because of the recent delays Southwest, AirTran, American Airlines, US Airways, and United Airlines, who use Sabre global distribution system, topped the list of worst airlines in the US (Tooley, 2015).
Sabre is one the leading provider of global distribution system to the ...view middle of the document...

Downtime or outage is a period of time when a system is unavailable or fails to provide or perform its primary function. Downtime could be planned because of scheduled routine maintenance operations (cite, hardware, system software, or storage maintenance, system upgrade, platform or location mitigation) or as a result of the system failure and unavailability to provide service due unplanned event caused by third party (cite, computer, or storage failure, data corruption, human error). The term is usually referred to databases, hardware, networks and servers, lasting short periods to shutting down the business for days, and caused by system failure - crash or communication failure - network outage.
Both small businesses and large corporations experience downtime or outage. Reasons could vary between insufficient IT resources, budget limitations, and limited ability to stop software issues. Recovery activities and costs after downtime include: detection cost, containment cost, recovery cost, equipment cost, IT productivity loss, user productivity loss, loss of revenues, and business disruption (Greenberg, 2010). Some studies say that 3 out of 4 organizations are at risk of failing to recover from disaster of outage.
Each year system downtime and outage effect people across the world. Some recent examples include Apple iCloud, Microsoft Azure cloud service, Google Computer Engine, AOL mail service in 2015, DropBox, Adobe, Google in 2014, Amazon, mail services, online banking, computer reservation systems (SABRE) earlier.
Downtime costs vary significantly within industries, especially due to the different effects of downtime. A failure of a critical application can lead to a few types of losses: loss of the application service – the impact of downtime varies with the application and the business and loss of data – the potential loss of data due to a system outage can have significant legal and financial impact.
Impact of the Disaster
There were multiple reports from locations across the world about outage services related Sabre and its main competitor Amadeus through past years. Almost every airline or hotel has experienced data access interruption because of that. Reasons vary between network issues, database merging compatibilities issues, software updates, or leap second.
Unavailability to access global distribution system impacts many businesses that main function relies on the computer reservation system. During downtime, neither hosting company nor customers are unable to make queries or bookings on company cite hosted by Sabre, use a self-check-in online and reservation systems; self-service kiosks were unable to read barcodes or frequent flyer cards and unable to print boarding passes. Since unavailability to retrieve data, customers were not able get a service that was previously paid or had to wait uncertain time before the problem was solved (Campbell, 2013).
Unplanned outages are the responsibility of business which...

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