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Technology improvements over the years have allowed virtual paralegals to work from home or anywhere and provide the smaller law firms or solo attorneys the professional work ethics and helping to reduce the cost of the attorney’s overhead. With the vast improvements in technology over the years, it has allowed more out of the office work to be done. Having a laptop gives you more flexibility with travel and still be productive. Wi-Fi hotspots are readily available in many locations when traveling.
What makes this excellent for small law firms and solo attorneys is that they can reduce the cost of their overhead. The small law firms and solo attorneys need the assistance of ...view middle of the document...

For an attorney selecting a virtual paralegal to be part of his team, he must hire in the same manner as an office employee. The requirements should be someone with experience and good credentials. For the Virtual Paralegal to make a great team player for the attorney, the attorney might want the virtual paralegal to have a certificate or associates degree or higher. The attorney would want to know the legal knowledge and past legal work experience such as: document preparations, legal research performance, and what steps are taken to protect client information according to Poll (2006, para 6). However, if they want to hire a paralegal and train them in the manner of their desire, then that is another avenue to pursue. Whichever way the lawyer choose for their paralegal, this person should be well trained and qualified.
Virtual paralegals will have their business plan in place when looking to work for a small firm or solo attorney. They will have their fees set and how they will bill. They will have a contract that will show the terms of their business arrangement. Virtual paralegals will also have all the required equipment in place to perform a professional job outside of the attorney’s office saving another overhead expense to the attorneys.
Even as a virtual paralegal, they have definite limitations. The most important limitation is that they must not practice law. Paralegals are not allowed to take on cases, give any legal advice, and show up in court on client’s behalf. Each state varies on the regulations of unauthorized practice of law. The National Association of Legal Assistants has listed the Paralegal's guidelines in which they must follow. “Paralegals must maintain professionalism in work ethics as confidentiality of the attorney’s clients, ability to perform work in a timely manner, and any conflict of interest” (2007,...

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