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Out On The SlopesIt was a Saturday and John was in his car on the way to the ski hill. He was ready for a great day of skiing, and once he got there, he jumped out of his car, grabbed his skis and ran to the office to get his lift ticket.Rushing to the ski lift John stumbled, he fell to the ground and felt the extremely cold temperature of the snow against his face. He got up looking around to see if anyone had seen that terrible fall, all he could see were people surrounding him laughing at his fall, he got up and all he could taste was the cold, sickening ...view middle of the document...

This time the man helped him up and he was on his way in no time at all.He got up to the top and smelled only the scent of his overly strong cologne on the inside of his jacket. He got off the lift and was getting ready to go down the run when he suddenly heard a woman screaming, she had no control over herself and crashed into a tree. John laughed at the woman and started down the hill. He swerved from side to side across the hill.He was having a blast, when suddenly a blizzard hit. He couldn't see 6 feet in front of him. He felt the cold icy wind hit his face at an unimaginable speed. It felt like a thousand tiny knives stabbing him all over the face. He quickly got down to the bottom of the hill, and went into the ski lodge to get out of the cold blizzard.His stomach started to growl, so he decided to get something to eat. He grabbed a chocolate bar and sunk his teeth into it. It tasted so delicious.He looked outside and noticed that the blizzard had stopped but so much snow had come down that they had to close all the runs for grooming. So he decided to go home and come skiing again another day. He put his skis in his car and drove home.

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