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Out Of The Ordinary Essay

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Reina Cyrelle Montevirgen
1:15-2:45 PM
Persuasive Speech (About Texting)

Teens, I’d like to offer you some advice that may be the most important lesson you’ll ever learn
about driving—although it may have only been covered briefly in a single lesson of your driver’s
education course. Texting while driving is a serious distraction and one that could cost you your
life or the lives of others. I know how hard it is to put the phone down and concentrate on the
road. Even as an adult, I sometimes struggle with avoiding distractions while I’m driving. But
there are plenty of other options and a lot of good reasons to keep your eyes on the road.

I know you may think that it only takes a second to ...view middle of the document...

Statistics show that teen drivers who
text spend approximately 10% of their driving time driving outside of their lane. But it’s hard to
know that if you aren’t looking. If having the phone within reach is too much of a temptation for
you, try placing it in the backseat where you can’t get to it while you’re driving.

You may have even seen your parents or other adults texting while driving themselves. Let me
assure you that doesn’t make it any more safe. In fact, because texting takes your eyes off the
road longer than any other activity that distracts you from driving, it makes all drivers 23 times
more likely to be involved in an accident. In 2011, almost a fourth of all auto collisions were
caused by someone using a cell phone. So, in this case it’s best to do as your parents say and
not as they do.

Another good reason to avoid texting and driving is because it is outlawed in many cities and
states. Getting caught could get you in big trouble. And in addition to the actual laws in place,
there are technological advances that now allow parents to install driver cams that show them
in real time exactly what you’re doing while you’re driving. This could get you in even bigger

So, teens, as you prepare to get out on the roads, let your biggest worry be whether you’ll
pass your driving test, not whether you’ll end up in an accident due to texting and driving. Let it
wait. Pull over. Or just put your phone out of reach until you get where you’re going. When you
respond to your BFF’s text of “where r u?”, you don’t want your answer to be “in an ambulance.”

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