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Out Of Necessity: The Compared And Contrasted Views Of Two Marital Relationships

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Danika White
Donald Stanley
ENGL 1001
Assignment 3
February 26 2014

Out of Necessity: The Compared and Contrasted Views of Two Marital Relationships.
D.H Lawrence’s short story, “The Horse Dealers Daughter”, can be compared, as well as contrasted, to Ernest Hemmingway’s short story, “Hills like White Elephants”. Both of these stories have marital themes incorporated in, and present many similarities and differences. One striking comparison found within both is the implied marital necessity between the characters involved. The contrasted settings, both physical and emotional, in these short stories are also quite noticeable.
Lawrence’s character, Miss Mabel Pervin shows a ...view middle of the document...

(p.845). Therefore, we can conclude that the proposed marriage between Mabel Pervin and Jack Ferguson was initiated out of necessity, as opposed to romantic attachment.
Hemmingway’s, “Hills like White Elephants”, also carries the theme of marriage out necessity, as shown by his characters, the American and his companion, Jig. Throughout the story, the American persistently tries to convince Jig that an abortion is a simple and worthwhile operation. Although claiming he loves her, the American portrays that he is not ready to give up his carefree lifestyle, “That’s the only thing that bothers us. It’s the only thing that’s made us unhappy”. (p.663). However, Jig is unconvinced and verbally fights against the decision. Ultimately, she has two options: terminate the pregnancy as he wants, or go through with it and displease him. It would seem that if she disregards his wishes and keeps the child, a necessary marriage might become the result. The American would be responsible for supporting his child financially; and if he were as devoted to Jig as he claimed, marrying her would be the obvious answer. Unfortunately, the story ends without indication of what the couple decides. A safe assumption would be that if the result were marriage, it would have been out of necessity.
The two settings of these stories show great contrast, in both physically and emotionally. Emotionally, Mabel Pervin portrays a proud woman; it is not until the end that she reveals her...

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