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Our Little Lake Essay

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Our Little Lake
Our boat is an 18 ft pontoon boat, which is used solely on our sizeable 27 acre lake. It is the quickest boat on the lake, with its two eighteen year old electric trolling motors. The boat itself has seen better days, with a grey weathered carpet, dented aluminum sides, and sun cracked leather seats that were once grey, now sun-bleached to a dirty white. The boat is tied to our skinny wooden dock. The dock has freshly stained wood, and a salvaged ladder hanging off the end of it so you can spend those hot summer days swimming and taking in the sun with ease. For those that would bore of just sitting at the dock and occasionally get in the water, the boat offers a world of ...view middle of the document...

The narrow strait is littered with houses, each with their own dock. The docks vary from docks like ours, a straight narrow bit of planks that juts into the water, to elaborate docks consisting of outhouses, decks with enough space to have small parties, and mechanisms to lift the boat out of the water at the flick of a switch.
About halfway down the narrow strait, there is the stump of long dead tree jutting from the water like a grey-white obelisk. The stump used be a large tree with many of its dead branches reaching over the water like a skeletal monster. Among the limbs was a rough rope with knots tied periodically down its length. This rope was the source of entertainment for the last few summers of my life. We spent hours launching ourselves out into the lake, just to splash down into the murky cool water, sometimes even sinking so deep that we would touch the muddy, stick infested bottom. That was until last year a team of landscapers lopped off the top of our tree with a chainsaw. Now all that is left is the stump, rising 8 feet out of the water, with the ladder that we used to use to get the rope, now cut in half. The top of the stump is uneven and...

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