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Our Five Human Senses Essay

997 words - 4 pages

Jourjine Pascual
Kaplan University – HS120
Our Five Human Senses
Unit 8 Assignment
September 2011

Our senses are the physical means by which all living things see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Our sense organs (nose, eyes, ears, tongue, and skin) are taking in information and sending it to the brain for processing. If we didn't have them, we would not be able to smell, see, hear, taste, or touch anything. Each sense collects information about the world and detects changes within the body. Both people and animals get all of their knowledge from their senses, and that is why our senses are so important. All senses depend on the working nervous system. Our sense organs start to work ...view middle of the document...

What you are actually seeing are beams of light bouncing off of the object and into your eyes. The light rays enter the eye through the cornea, which is a thick, transparent protective layer on the surface of your eye. Then the light rays pass through the pupil (the dark circle in the center of your eye) and into the lens. Because the eye is such an important and complex part of our body, we have many features which protect the eye. The eyebrows are the strips of hair above your eyes which prevent sweat from running into them. Eyelashes help keep the eye clean by collecting small dirt and dust particles floating through the air. The eyelashes also protect the eye from the sun's and other light's glare. The eyelids sweep dirt from the surface of the eye. The eyelid also protects the eye from injury. Tears are sterile drops of clean water which constantly bathe the front of the eye, keeping it clean and moist
Like your other sense organs, your ears are extremely well-designed. In fact, they serve two very important purposes. Your ears help you to hear sounds, but what you probably did not know is that your ears also help you to keep your balance. When an object makes a noise, it sends vibrations (better known as sound waves) speeding through the air. These vibrations are then funneled into your ear canal by your outer ear. As the vibrations move into your middle ear, they hit your eardrum and cause it to vibrate as well. This sets off a chain reaction of vibrations. Your eardrum, which is smaller and thinner than the nail on your pinky finger, vibrates the three smallest bones in your body: first, the hammer, then the anvil, and finally, the stirrup. The stirrup passes the vibrations into a coiled tube in the inner ear called the cochlea. Near the top of the cochlea are three loops called the semi-circular canals? The...

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