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Ottawa Charter Promotes Social Justice Essay

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The Ottawa Charter and its five action areas promote the principle of social justice. The charter aims to build a positive approach towards health for all members of society through the five action areas. Social justice is a primary principle of the Ottawa charter as it aims to communicate equal opportunities and enable Australians to achieve their fullest health potential. Through the Ottawa charter, social justice is promoted.

The Ottawa charter is the scaffolding of healthy promotion all throughout the world. The Charter was developed after a conference on health promotion in Ottawa, Canada, in 1986. It is a policy that aims to create apositive approach to health throughout the world. ...view middle of the document...

An example of this action area is Road safety advertisements such as the “No one thinks big of you” campaign. Social justice can be recognized as it aspires to reduce the number of road deaths and decrease road dangers to everyone, therefore reducing the gap and giving the right to people to feel safe in their environments. As a result Social justice and the first action area of the Ottawa charter are linked together and social justice is promoted.

To create supportive environments is the second action area to the Ottawa charter. This area involves creating societies that take care of each other, their communities and also their surrounding environment. It also aims to generate safe and enjoyable living and working conditions. Access to councilors at school is an example of creating a supportive environment as this is supporting and taking care of others in the community. Social justice is aimed to entitle all of society to lead and healthy lifestyle and to be able to access help when needed. This therefore recognizes that social justice and the Ottawa charter fall hand in hand with each other.

Social justice and the third action area of the Ottawa charter, Strengthening community action, make obvious that the Ottawa Charter does promote social justice. Strengthening community action involves identifying and implementing actions about health concerns. It requires strengthening public participation and direction of health matters. This requires complete access to health information, learning opportunities and health funding support. An example of this is Qnet. This is a free website that was developed in a community in Canberra. It provides a safe place for same-sex attracted youth where they can get support on their issues and problems. This is providing advice and information so these youth can feel equal and accepted. These are also characteristics of social justice and therefore again shows that the Ottawa Charter and social justice are...

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