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Otis Elevator: Accelerating Business Transformation With It

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Business Context
Elisha Graves Otis founded the company when he first founded the ‘Safety brake elevator’ in 1853. From then the company’s main focus was to design and manufacture the safety systems according to the customers need. The Otis Elevator Company became a subsidiary of United Technologies (UTC). It is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world. It not only manufactures but also installs the equipment in the respective customer desired locations. It then continues its relationship with the customers by providing timely service facilities. It was soon recognized as a leader in service excellence among all the companies. The main competitors included multinational ...view middle of the document...

This Internet based communication made the processes very simple for both the employees and the customers. The program also introduced times e-mail remainders for the supervisors. From the initial step of the order being created to the order being closed, the entire workflow was simplified and automated.

Challenges Otis faced during the transformation

1. They had more than 20,000 computers in the company and it was spread around 1000 different locations. To delivery the e*Logistic program to each and every system was a very hectic and a complicated procedure. They had to confirm that this change in the company is definitely going to benefit the company in the long run.
2. They also had concerns regarding the applications, which were introduced recently. If any of the Internet browser setting were configured faulty then it would impact the performance of all the applications. Similarly with the network switches.
3. They faced personnel challenges as well. They had to conduct proper training sessions for almost 3000 sales representatives and field-installation supervisors.
4. Otis realized that it would take roughly 6 months for the benefits to reflect in the real world. This would cause a lot for time constraint problems for the already existing orders.

The OTISLINE was a centralized Otis dispatch group of 160 employees operating 24 hours every day. The amazing part of the entire initiative was that they would respond to each customer in less than a second. This process improved the visibility of the performance to the management and slowly enabled them to provide effective service to the customers. As customer service was the key objective of the company OTISLINE helped in achieving major high-level performance rate. The e*Logistics initiative was also an equally successful transformation. It helped in the growth of the operating profits. It made the processes simple and manageable. It was also easy for the company to track the performance. Both the initiatives taken by the company was a huge success.

The most significant change Otis made by implementing the OTISLINE was that it fundamentally changed the expectations of the customers in the industry and evidently...

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