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Othello Essay

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What is meant by being vulnerable? How does it affect people’s lives? Basically, being vulnerable means to be highly capable of physical and emotional harm. Stress and anxiety are created by vulnerability which affects people both physiologically and psychologically. It has played a major role in Shakespeare’s play ‘Othello’. From the beginning of the play both Othello and Roderigo are vulnerable. Although Othello and Roderigo are both exposed to manipulation and similar situations, Othello is more vulnerable than Roderigo. . They both are gullible enough to be fooled by Iago, whom they perceived to be an honest friend. They both are evil. They both love Desdemona.
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He feels that he is being cheated by his wife and Cassio and that’s why “in the due reverence of a sacred vow” (Act 3, Scene 3) he swears to take revenge from those two. Although these two characters are evil, Roderigo’s actual motive is to make Desdemona fall in love with him, while Othello's to kill someone he loves, who may or may not have betrayed him. Even though Desdemona is with Othello, Roderigo still kept persistent to win her over. Othello, who as soon as realizes about another man involved with Desdemona, decides to kill who he loves. The reason for both of their actions proves that Othello is more evil.
Yet another similarity between these two characters is their love towards Desdemona. Roderigo is in love with Desdemona and is happy wooing her in any way He does not even think twice of buying her love. He pays Iago to buy her gifts and follows her to Cyprus. As love drives people into doing crazy things, Roderigo at one point wants to commit suicide because he believes “it is silliness to live, when to live is torment” (Act 1, Scene 3). Iago succeeds in convincing him to kill Cassio by portraying him as a competitor in the race to get Desdemona. To get rid of Cassio, Roderigo tries to attack him but is unsuccessful. Like Roderigo, Othello loves and admires his wife Desdemona. He thinks that he is lucky to have a woman who loves him even though he is an outsider and black. But along with that he is insecure about Desdemona, since he is married to...

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