Osmosis And Potato Chip Invetigation. To Determine The Effect That Varying Salt Concentration, In A Solution, Has Upon The Osmotic Ability Of Potato Chips Of A Given Size

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Osmosis InvestigationAims and ObjectivesTo determine the effect that varying salt concentration, in a solution, has upon the osmotic ability of potato chips of a given size.Scientific Background KnowledgePut simply osmosis is defined as the net movement of water molecules, across a selectively permeable membrane, from a dilute to a concentrated solution.It is a special form of diffusion because it can only involve water molecules. However, it is not an isolated laboratory process. Many cell membranes behave as semi/selectively permeable membranes, and osmosis is a vital to their functioning. For example, osmosis is the key mechanism involved in the transportation of fluids in living ...view middle of the document...

In order to ensure that each is of the same size in terms of length, I will measure them using a standard ruler. However, as it would be extremely difficult and time consuming to make the mass of each chip precisely the same whilst keeping the length value constant, I will weigh their mass, using a digital balance and then smooth out any differences by taking the mean result. After doing so, I will record each measurement that is taken in a table(to be found in my Results - Obtaining Evidence Section).I will then place each potato chip into its own test tube, each of which has 25cm3 of a different percentage of salt concentration solution in it.The concentrations of salt solution that I will be using are:0.0 % - distilled water0.5 %1.0 %1.5 %2.0 %Then, on each test tube I will place a label showing the difference of salt concentration contained in each. I will then leave them for 24 hours in the same place.After the exact time is up I will measure the length and weigh the mass of all the potato chips and record any changes in a table.Equipment1 potato1 cork borer1 ruler1 digital balance18 test tubesDistilled Water (H20)Salt solution (to required amounts)1 30cm3 Measuring cylinder1 Tile1 scalpelFair testingTo make sure I obtain the fairest results possible, I am going to:- Make sure that all the measuring and weighing carried out is undertaken as accurately as possible.- When cutting the potato chips use the same potato for all fifteen and make sure they are all cut to the same size.- Cut off any skin and bore from the middle so I will be using only pure potato tissue.- Give each test tube the same amount of solution - 25cm3, with either the concentrated salt solution or distilled water.- Place all fifteen test tubes in the same place and for the same length of time - 24 hours, making sure that they are all at the same temperature.- Place rubber bungs on all the test tubes, at the same time, so that no evaporation can take place.PredictionFirstly, I predict that the potato chips in the more concentrated salt solution will decrease in mass and length. I anticipate this, as the water molecules will be leaving their cells due to the process of osmosis.This therefore means that the water molecules will be moving across the potato chip - which is a partially permeable membrane, from a region of low to high concentration in the salt solution.Secondly, I predict that the potato chips in the more dilute salt solutions, (i.e. 0.0% and 1.0%) will increase in mass and length, because the water molecules will be going from a high concentration to low one, outside of the chip, and then entering the cells of the potato tissue. Therefore illustrating the process of osmosis.ExtensionIn addition, I can add to my initial two hypotheses as the result of a previous investigation carried out lower down the school. This investigation involved the effect of sucrose solution on potato tissue.Despite this differential of solute, I can still use it for additional...

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