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Osim Group Essay

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Joining the conspiracy to throw Mr. Dave Wright, the President of OSIM group, without making attempts to understand the causes for conflict and find the means to resolve the conflict, is unethical and immoral in my opinion. How can I presume my mentor who was willingly recommended me for executive management program, would become a hurdle to implement a change through strategic planning in this organization?

But a change in management approach definitely encounters lot of resistance due to natural inertia of the people. To bring the desired change – a great degree of persuasion is required, certainly not elimination of experienced people. A conflict should be amicably resolved by the way of series of talks and serious attempts to convince the resistive forces agree to it.

Here, Mr. Dave the ...view middle of the document...

Frank, the Marketing Director and his other members of conspiracy group and jump into conclusion. Though I agree with Mr. Frank regarding the short comings of management style in OSIM, I prefer attempt to resolve the conflict between the two groups first. I would definitely like to meet the Mr. Bob Cedar Holm, OSIM Chairman, discuss the matter and seek some time to apply my newly acquired managerial techniques to bring the change in the thinking of Mr. Dave and his supporters.

As the OSIM group has been taken over by SHILO group, I expect an impending reorganization on the cards. Is it not wise to wait till that time? OSIM group is a medium size consulting firm, where as Shilo is a huge international conglomerate. Due to their vast size of operations in many countries, they may examine the present set up in OSIM and there is a chance of imposing / implementing their own style of management. Hence, the new group may require to change their style and to embrace a strategic planning system soon or later.

The strategic management is the process by which an organization formulates its strategies and implements them through a proper plan. It includes a systematic study of the internal and the external environments with a view to identify and assess the relevant opportunities and threats, a constant appraisal of the organizational strengths and weaknesses, a thorough analysis of the strategic choices, and evaluation of strategy. With rapid changes taking place in the various components of the organization’s environment, it has become imperative for a firm to manage its affairs strategically if it is to survive in the increasingly competitive environment.

Strategy is the means to achieve the organizational goals. Objectives and strategies evolve as problems and opportunities are identified, resolved and exploited. I know that it’s not possible to achieve any thing without the active support of the top management.

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