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Osama Bin Laden: Fall Of Leadership Post 9/11

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Under Osama bin Laden's leadership, al Qaeda has become the most dangerous terrorist organizaiton in the world, responsible for more than 10,000 deaths (Terrorism [2011], 1). As the leader of this organization, he was strategic, intelligent and knew how to attack his enemy both economically and culturally. He was a mastermind and was able to communicate and exert influence upon his ...view middle of the document...

In fact, al-Qaeda has not anticpated such a response from the United States after the attacks (Bergen 2011, 1). Because of this, bin Laden lost much crediability and there wasn't much he could say or do to regain the support he once had as he had nor was he influential to others as most of them had disliked the outcome of the event. Consquentially, bin Laden put his entire organzation into a very tight situation.
Not only was the entire organzation in danger now that the United States had decided to attack, but the affilates and supporters of al-Qaeda were now also in danger, even if they had not supported the attacks that happened. Post 9/11, almost all of al-Qaeda's infrastructures and relationships had been destroyed. It also allowed the United States to occupy two Muslim countries and create an alliance stronger than ever, essentially setting out to defeat all violent Islamic jihads, including bin Laden and al-Qaeda (Bergen 2011, 1). By this point, bin Laden no longer had much power or influence upon his affilates or supporters as many of them were (assumingly) angry at bin Laden for the unexpected counterattacks from the United States. Yet the lack of power and influence did not get disrupted in the Middle East only, it was now a world-wide issue that everyone around the country was tuning into.
The world has seen the destruction and mayhem that bin Laden and his organization has caused. Al-Qaeda has been responsible for 16 acts of mass-causality terrorism, more than any other terrorist group in the world (Terrorism [2011], 1). There were multiple attacks in the United States (with 9/11 being the worse), but also in places like Saudia Arabia, England, Indonesia and even Turkey (Suspected al-Qaeda Terrorist Acts [2013], 1). After...

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