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Have you ever talked about so one? I have I’m not going to lie. But how did you feel after you had talked about that person because I felt bad about it. Like really bad most of the time that I ever was talking about some I was at school. I know that everyone in here has been to school before. Sitting in that class room all day and it’s that one person who makes the whole class laugh. Maybe that person is you? But the fact is that your laughing he’s laughing the whole the class, laughing. Have you ever really listened to what that person was saying….? Is what their saying hurtful or disrespectful in any way, and if it is then why are you laughing. Disrespect is no laughing matter, but still we laugh. Thus my thesis is disrespect and how it affects people. People are disrespected every day and it ...view middle of the document...

You how when people stare they follow you with your eyes until the actually have to turn their head. Well her head was completely turned around it literally did a full 180. Well you can see my concern being stared at that hard and all. But I did not make a major thing out of it. So I continue on with my day. But when I got back on the bus in the afternoon she said something, something very hurtful very disrespectful. She said and I quote “you are a very fat little girl”. This really hurt my feeling being a 7th grader I wanted to cry. But I calming said thank you for your complement a went on to my seat. I didn’t do anything to deserve such rudeness. I felt disrespected by an adult something that had never happen I was amazed. I was astonished. I was hurt. She hurt my feelings bad and that is a harming factor in disrespect. It hurts people’s feelings.
That also made that bus driver look like a total jerk.This not only happen form teacher to student and student to teach, but for student to student. As a student I see this every single school day. The best example of this is when a student walking down the hall minding their own business and they are trip this has not happen to me personally but I have so it happen. They are trip and the person who tripped them stands there and laugh this is not only disrespectful but embarrassing. The person feeling are so hurt they are so embarrassed and you’re going to laugh. Whoever is laughing looks like the are all jerks. I can bet 1 million dollars that if it was them they would not be laughing, not at all. Standing by or participating in disrespect looks like a totally jerk.
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Big harm-can disrespect the wrong person
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