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Oriental Institute Essay

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Brandon Flores

Oriental Institute

When I went to the “Oriental Institute”, I saw and got to experience a lot of different cultures and antiques from very old civilizations. Being in those very rooms and getting to see firsthand how these cultures had lived and survived in those times was astonishing. One of my favorite exhibits I really enjoyed was the Mesopotamian empire exhibit. I found it so fascinating because a lot of the pots and designs from that time I have already seen in my hometown in Mexico and also because this is when cities began to come about. What I also learned about this civilization was that it rapidly spread throughout Southeast Asia and ...view middle of the document...

They removed all the organs expect the heart because they believed the heart was the center of the body. This ancient art I found to be very fascinating in this exhibit. Another form of art I found to be very interesting was their form of writing called Hieroglyphs. This form of writing created words through forms of pictures that had different meanings behind them. To be able to communicate through pictures alone is something I find to be not an easy task. I also learned that the Egyptians also made portraits of their families like this one portrait I saw that involved the man and his wife and their children. One other thing I found to be interesting was the worship of the god Re-Harakhty which is the god of the rising sun. This god I found pretty cool because the way he appeared. He was a man with the head of a falcon because the Egyptians believed that he flew so high so high that he could reach the son. The final thing I found interesting in this culture was the great king Tutankhamen, who at the age of nine became the king of Egypt. His death I found to be interesting because people today aren’t really sure if he was assassinated or if he died from malaria from an accidental wound that was infected.
The next gallery on my list that I would I learned about was the Assyrian gallery. The one thing I found interesting was the “Black Obelisk”. This piece of art was made to honor the conquests of Shalmaneser III. Each picture displayed a story of each conquests and the tributes that were received in his honor. These Obelisks’ were displayed around the kingdom to display the king’s power. The important thing I learned about this...

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