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The word "Chiropractic" is derived from the Greek word chiropraktikos, meaning "effective treatment by hand". Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts. It is also a drugless and non-surgical mode of care. As Thomas Edison once said, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease". Over the years chiropractors began more and more focusing on the spine. It is now based upon the belief that good health depends on the functioning of the nervous system.
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Decisions made about the structure of an organization are generally referred to as "organizational design" decisions.
Organizing also involves the design of individual jobs within the organization. Decisions must be made about the duties and responsibilities of individual jobs as well as the manner in which the duties should be carried out. Decisions made about the nature of jobs within the organization are generally called "job design" decisions.
Organizing at the level of the organization involves deciding how best to departmentalize, or cluster jobs into departments to effectively coordinate effort. There are many different ways to departmentalize, including organizing by function, product, geography, or customer. Many larger organizations utilize multiple methods of departmentalization. Organizing at the level of job involves how best to design individual jobs to most effectively use human resources.
Traditionally, job design was based on principles of division of labor and specialization, which assumed that the more narrow the job content, the more proficient the individual performing the job could become. However, experience has shown that it is possible for jobs to become too narrow and specialized. When this happens, negative outcomes result, including decreased job satisfaction and organizational commitment and increased absenteeism and turnover.
Recently many organizations have attempted to strike a balance between the need for worker specialization and the need for workers to have jobs that entail variety and autonomy. Many jobs are now designed based on such principles as job enrichment and teamwork.
Technology and Chiropractic
When many people think about a chiropractic visit, they have trouble getting past images of twisting vertebrae and the treatment's sounds -- "crack" and "pop."
The first chiropractic adjustment was performed in Davenport, Iowa in the year 1895 by a man named Daniel David Palmer. D.D. Palmer was a frontier renaissance man. During his lifetime, Palmer would be a school teacher, a farmer -- developing a new variety of raspberry, which he called "Sweet Home" -- a grocer and eventually practicing as a "Magnetic Healer"* in Davenport for a number of years prior to founding chiropractic.
Contrary to what its name suggests, magnetic healing had nothing to do with magnets. Rather it was a cross between massage and meridian therapies--which is based upon the concepts of...

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