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Organized Crime Group Analysis

868 words - 4 pages

Organized Crime Group Analysis

CJA/384-Organized Crime
September 09, 2012
University of Phoenix

Organized Crime Group Analysis
Team Summary
Clotilda: The article I read was about a modern day mafia getting captured, and exposed by law enforcement. The Mafia had committed many crimes including Gambling, Drug Dealing, Extortion, Murder, and Union corruption. The article also talked about early mafias, and original gangsters that made themselves most wanted criminals from under the names of their mafias. It addresses many criminal names like “Martin Angelina”, “John Gotti”, and “Joe Merlino”.
But that’s beside the point; this article focuses on the Genovese Family, from Newark, New ...view middle of the document...

The days of John Gotti are long gone. The individuals who call their selves mobster do not seem to whole themselves by the code of silence, which was once written in stone. The participation of labor unions appears to be temporary for those engaged in organized crime. Greed appears to be the reason why today individuals get involved in the mob. Once a person is caught they have no problem giving law enforcement the names of the heavy hitters. The fact of the matter is the union leaders cooperated with these organizations to keep their jobs. “There is a trend for immediate gratification in today’s society. There will always be a condition of anomie—the “haves” and the “have not’s.” Society’s preoccupation with success (power and wealth) is a powerful force that drives some people to criminal activity when they are deprived of these goals. Albini (1971) found that criminal patrons exchange information, are connected with corrupt government officials, and that these networks are in a constant state of
change with the roles of patrons and clients fluctuating.” (Mallory, 2007, Chapter 3, Alien Conspiracy Theory). Law enforcement knows they have a long fight ahead of them to end organized crime, which some may believe will never end. However today’s so called want to be mobsters join the organization reasons seem to be for a season, not a life time as those who were considered the original mobsters.
Phil: As the article states the names have changed but the games still the same, the article shows...

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