Organized Behavioral Management Essay

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Contemporary Management, 7/e
Gareth R. Jones, Jennifer M. George
ISBN: 0078112699

Chapter 1

Warning! – Don’t expect all lectures to come straight from the text!

What is management?
1. Management is the planning, organizing, leading and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organization goals effectively and efficiency.
2. Managers operate within an organization, a group of people who work together to achieve a wide variety of goals or desired future outcomes.
3. Organizational productivity (performance) is how effectively and efficiently a manager uses resources to satisfy customers and reach organizational goals.
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As managers go through the process of organizing, they invariably find that they don’t have the right numbers and types of employees. Staffing is the process of identifying what type of person with what set of skills is going to be needed in each job within the manager’s purview. Once this is identified, the manager needs to ensure that they either have the right person in the job, retrain the person, or go out and find another individual who will be equipped to do the necessary work.
The most common outcome of analyzing staffing is that we have too many of some types of employees and too few of other types. It is the job of the manager to make the employee match the job as well as possible.

D. Leading is the articulation of a clear organizational vision for the organization’s members to accomplish through the energizing and enabling of employees to understand what part he/she will play in achieving the goal.

4. An organization’s vision is a short succinct and inspiring statement of what the organization intends to become.

5. Successful leadership requires managers to utilize their personal qualities, specifically: Power, Personality, Influence, Persuasion, and Communication.

E. Controlling is the process of {evaluating} measuring how well an organization has achieved it goals, resulting in taking corrective actions to improve performance or maintain results.

6. The desired outcome of the control function of management is the ability to measure performance accurately and regulate organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

7. Managers must decide which goals to pursue, goals such as Productivity, Quality and Responsiveness to Customers.

8. Controlling allows managers to evaluate how effectively and efficiently he/she is performing the planning, organizing and leading tasks as a manager within an organization.

II. Management Roles (pg. 20-22)

1. Mintzberg
a. Managers confront problems performing managerial tasks:
i. High Variety: Problems of a variable nature
ii. Fragmented: Multiple problems must be solved simultaneously
iii. Brevity: Quick decisions are necessary most often without full information.

b. Table 1.1 – Mintzberg identified ten managerial roles through observation
iv. Decisional
a.) Entrepreneur
b.) Disturbance Handler
c.) Resource Allocator
d.) Negotiator

v. Interpersonal
e.) Figurehead
f.) Leader
g.) Liaison

vi. Informational
h.) Monitor
i.) Disseminator
j.) Spokesperson

III. Management skills: (pg. 24-5)

1. Human skills are the ability to understand,...

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