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Organizational Structures Essay

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Organizational Structures
Certain organizations lend themselves naturally to one type of organizational structure or another. What type of structure do you think fits best with your business or a business with which you are familiar? Why is this the case? Support your answer. 

Organizational structure
The formal arrangement of jobs within an organization

* Divides work to be done into specific jobs and departments.
* Assigns tasks and responsibilities associated with individual jobs.
* Coordinates diverse organizational tasks.
* Clusters jobs into units.
* Establishes relationships among individuals, groups, and departments.
* Establishes ...view middle of the document...

* Demand Planning group focus on the Product Forecasting and send the signal to the Contract Manufacturers
* Supply Planning work with the Contract manufacturers and manage the Supply issues.
* Manufacturing Operations work on the daily build numbers and manage the product shipping to customers in the supply chain functions.

Cisco follows 8*8 as span of control, 8 levels in the hierarchy and 8 employees per manager, per inputs from Cisco management. Looking at Cisco as a big organization this is a good span of control. Cisco has a good chain of command, employees reporting to one manager and they know the point of escalation.
Robbins, S.P., Coulter,  M. (2012). Management 11th edition, UoPX online
Cisco (2014). (

Collaborative Strategies
What strategies have been used to promote collaboration at your workplace or a company with which you are familiar? Have these strategies been successful or unsuccessful? Explain. Would you recommend implementing other strategies to promote collaboration? If so, what would those be? 

In our group the collaboration are done using cross-functional meetings, the tools can be face-face mtg’s, there are open Audio Privacy Rooms for the conference or using webex tools.
With Webex tools you can create meetings, share desktop, record meetings. In case if there are any participants missing then meeting recordings can be used. Employees are encouraged for telecommute, they can use webex meetings, Jabber for chat or call personal desk numbers.
To collaborate with the documents we use Cisco docs, or IWE (Integrated Workforce Experience) space for the central repository. This way people can upload all the documents and refer as needed. IWE is a good tool where everybody shares the links, documents, blogs, this helps promoting collaboration with the teams.

Conflict management
If a conflict arose in one of the teams in which you participate in class, at work, at home, or in another activity, what would you do to help resolve the situation? Would your answer differ depending on the participants involved and how long you had been part of the team? Why or why not? 

There are 3 types of coflicts Task conflict, Relationship conflict, Process conflict.
We need to identify what type of conflict is in the team, is it Task conflict, Relationship conflict or Process conflict. If it is a task conflict then will look into the resources of the project and their skillsets, if there is a mismatch or anybody is behind then the tasks will be re-aligned to mitigate the conflict.
If there is a process conflict then clarity of roles and the expectations has to be set. Either the person who has a problem do...

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