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Organizational Structure & Supervisory Roles Essay

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Leadership is the driving force that holds these elements together, aligning them, and enabling the agency to function as an integrated system.

Up until now, dialogue of leadership in general focuses on a leader’s role in ongoing processes of an agency. An ever more vital role for a leader in an organization is that of a change. We will now confer the particulars of transformation of leadership, with particular importance of organizational change and creating a culture of high-performance managers. Necessities and strains for organizational change are derived from what originates from the agency’s environment, staff, clients, and often from its own leaders, are so widespread as to be ...view middle of the document...

Understanding the process can contribute to the outcomes at different levels such as, dyad, group, team, program agency, community, and society as a whole.

Leadership Traits, Competencies, & Theories for Angel Wings of Love
To lead an organization one must possess certain traits and acquire competencies that are relevant to the field but more the individual that is in a managerial role. There are theories that provide a framework to assist in changing and adapting with the agency for positive results (Lewis, Management of human service programs, 2012).

Appropriate Traits
Despite the fact that this perspective is limited, little is known about how combination of traits may impact effectiveness or how traits affect the organizational outcomes, however research has come to a common ground, that acquiring or possessing positive effects traits are important, only to the extent they are relevant to a particular leadership situation.
The chosen candidate for Angel Wings of Love must possess the traits of intelligence, self-confidence, determined, while having integrity and good social skills. He or she must also be highly energetic, have a tolerance for stress. While on the other hand, an internal locus of control orientation. The right leader shall present him or her, as emotionally and mentally stable. He or she has to be aware of the emotional and social intelligence of the population Angel Wings of Love serves. He or she has to be open-minded and the understanding of learning orientation of the clients. Last, appropriate trait and by far the most recognized trait is authenticity, meaning believing in remaining true to self, while on the other hand displaying behaviors that positively transforms or develops those around or involved into leaders themselves (Lewis, Leading and changing human service organizations, 2012).

Appropriate Competencies
According to The Network for Social Work Management, in the domain of executive leadership, the need for a robust array of intellectual, interpersonal, and technical skills are included in the necessary competencies are targeted in regard to manage human service organizations. For instance, “intellectual skills that provides a clear perspective on the organization and its environment and is essential to possessing the capacity to think and act critically and strategically. Interpersonal skills are necessary to motivate others to successfully communicate the mission and vision of the organization; technical skills are also vital to successfully manage organizational functions (Anthony Hassan, MSW, Ed.D, William Waldman, MSW, Shelly Wimpfheimer, DSW, 2013)”, such as budgets, finances, human resources, and technology. Yet, it is not likely one individual will have all three listed required competencies for Angel Wings of Love to be successful and stable.

Therefore, the critical element of direction and the key feature of organization; competency...

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