Organizational Structure Simulation Essay

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Organizational Structure Simulation
Lauri Gause
COM 530
Kirby Thornton
University of Phoenix
30 July, 2012

Organizational Structure Simulation
Changes and innovation within a company are not only imperative to its success, but they are inevitable, as well. Changes that are brought on as a result of strategic initiatives within a company affect work design and organizational culture. The simulation demonstration for Synergetic Solutions has provided the opportunity to experience the challenges of implementing structural changes within an organization with specific goals. In completing the simulation, one is forced to encounter resistance to change at both an ...view middle of the document...

While Redd is incredibly motivated by this promising start, he is also aware that there are strategic decisions to be made in order to emphasize the company’s focus on the networking solutions, as well as raise its revenues to 80% of total sales; by the end of the following 9 months, Redd’s target for the networking division is $12 million (Synergetic Simulation, 2012). In addition to total sales he has also set goals in relation to increased revenue and monitoring of employee attendance records based on industry standards. With these goals in mind, it is the Chief Operating Officer’s (COO) responsibility to redefine SSI as a computer trading organization to a networking design “hothouse” within the next nine months.
Managing the Change
Within the simulation of SSI transformation, the COO must meet several benchmarks to implement a successful change. First, a redesign of the work environment and organizational structure must take place. The first change implemented will be to seguay from the current departmental structure to a more unified, team-based structure. With this task at hand careful measures must be taken to ensure a smooth transition, including developing new human resource policies and procedures. While current employees will have skill-sets necessary to accompany said changes, the integration of new tools will help in advancing employees current skills into relevant skills needed for the progression of the organization. Througout the change process of SSI, August Williams, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Philip Armstrong, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and William Sprague, the Chief Finacial Officer (CFO) will help guide the COO in decision making (Synergetic Simulation, 2012). While their expertise is beneficial, it is up to the COO to ensure that private agendas are not being implemented.
The primary goals for the next quarter include increased revenue of $7.5 million of which 35% is incurred by the new networking solutions department. Additionally, productivity growth is targeted at 4% with an absenteeism rate at an all-time low of 2% (Synergetic Simulation, 2012). With these goals at hand and the COO’s team of technical and financial advisors, they will plan and define the transition of SII based on business revenue, budgets and people. As a team they will define the work flow and processes; this will help enable them to transition the company from a departmental structure to a team-based structure. In this phase, being able to determine the individual competency of each individual is also imperative to the success of the transition. It is possible that a redefinition of job roles will be determined in regards to their skill-sets and networking solutions.
Phase One
In phase one, the strategy for implementing change must be addressed; in this phase of transition, immediate concerns must be addressed with cost and repercussions of change being highly considered. In the intitial phase, spanning 16 weeks of...

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