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Organizational Structure Of Girl Scouts Essay

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Organizational structure of Girl Scouts

Organizational structure of Girl Scouts
The Girl Scouts is the world’s largest organization for girls, currently involving 2.43 million girl members as well as nearly one million volunteers. National office of Girl Scouts of the USA employees approximately 400 employees. Girl Scout Councils are chartered by the national office to establish local responsibility for leadership, administration, and supervision of the Girl Scout program as well as to develop, manage, and maintain Girl Scouting in geographic areas.
The national office provides support materials to all council to ensure that the Girl Scout experience is nationally ...view middle of the document...

Their mission statement is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
OINEY Boys and Girls Community Sports Association, has a similar organization structure to that of the Girl Scouts. OBGC is governed by the mission of the organization and a Board of Directors that oversees all of the club’s activities, and gives strategic direction to its growth, use, and financial stability.
The organization structure of the club is designed to capture both board and non-board members input with several committees that are charged with specific responsibilities to maintain the expertise needed to solve the day-to-day issues of the club. The committees include executive, budget and finance, technology, risk management, events, facilities, and sports effectiveness.
Organizational structures differ from organization to organization. Douglas Merrill, Senior Director for Google states, “Working for Google is about openness, flatness, and transparency.
As part of the innovation culture, discussions and decisions are made in public. Part of Google’s innovation strategy is to keep their employees challenged, and the company does this y...

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