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Organizational Structure Essay

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Internal and External Factors Paper

Internal and External Factors Paper
When becoming a manager of an organization, regardless of the type of organization, there is quite a bit of information that needs to be required by the manager. Taking a look at an organization that I believe everyone is familiar with, fast food chains such as McDonalds; this is a fast paced environment and requires quick thinking and previous management skills. If a manager is hired onto McDonald’s work team and has not had any previous training or does not have any management skills, say for instance there is a small disaster within the establishment, this person is not going to know how to act or handle ...view middle of the document...

“The first function of management is leading others, and communications technology can enhance managers' leadership skills when installed and used properly. Communications networks allow managers to speak with employees quickly via email and interoffice chat, while telecommunications technology allows managers to communicate quickly with employees inside and outside of the office via phone. Video conferencing software can allow managers to meet with employees “face-to-face” when they are geographically distant, even on opposite sides of the world. The planning function of management involves collecting, arranging and analyzing large sets of data on a range of metrics, and technology is suited perfectly to assist in these tasks. Budgeting software can help management teams to construct detailed, informed and reasonable budgets, for example, while materials requirements planning (MRP) software provides feedback on the ideal quantities and dates for inventory purchases. Managers can take advantage of logistics planning tools, demand forecasting, workforce planning tools and a range of solutions for virtually every planning need. Not only can technology simplify the planning process, but it can ensure reliability by aggregating large volumes of data that would be impossible for managers to remember and extremely challenging to record manually. Managers are responsible for keeping plans on track once they are enacted, whether it be for short-term projects, like marketing campaigns, or ongoing projects, like production setups. Hardware and software technology aid in quality control monitoring, productivity monitoring and the basic supervision of employees. Quality-control software can alert managers when the number of mistakes coming off a production line begins to grow, for example, and electronic time-clocks can aid managers in keeping tabs on hours worked by each employee. Control is the necessary counterpart to planning and monitoring. Managers must be involved personally in the operations they oversee to ensure that plans are enacted successfully. After spotting areas of needed attention through monitoring technology, managers can use a range of control-focused technology to make changes, solve problems and increase productivity. Managers can use purchasing software to initiate repeat purchases with a single click of a mouse, for example, or to alter shipping routes in transit ("Four Functions Of Management Technology", 2015).”
There are five factors that impact the four functions: globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics. Globalization is affecting businesses everywhere, and most businesses are being “born global.” Modern technology, such as the internet, high-speed air travel and cellular communications, has made doing business across borders easier. With a fast food restaurant such as McDonalds with locations worldwide, globalization is important to keep track of the growth and goals of these restaurants everywhere....

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