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Organizational Security Survey Essay

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Evaluation of Security Programs

NEW YORK, NY 11747
A security survey is the official procedure utilized to review specific applications, areas, or Processes of residence or a business to document security, risk vulnerabilities, and authenticate the program in place (Broder & Tucker, 2011). One could perform a survey from all the risk perspectives such as facility security, physical security, or life safety. An expert conducts a involving a pre-determined constraint of checklist as well as an official reporting system. A security survey is a significant ...view middle of the document...

The report provides the information about the security systems, CCTV systems, the visitors and employee’s identification system, security classification findings and recommendations about the possible solutions to the vulnerable security risks within building. Neither the writer of this report nor the providers of the information about the Devry Center building are in a position to evaluate the tenants’  integrity in the building nor does the report intend to do so.
I assembled the information for this report through observations, interviews, analyses of the building systems practically, and analysis of the documents and policies relevant to the security procedures and policies at the international trade commission. Some documents I used include international trade commission policies that pertain to the physical security, ITC policies pertaining parking regions, and the ITC policies of procedure and practice.
The building has no controlled parking or the adjacent parking in the building. The building has no perimeter cameras, other than one camera in the main entrance to the building. The outside building lighting does not a bid by the international trade commission regulation in the US(Schaub & Biery, 1998).
The management allows entry to the building without the notification of the guards. The tenants and their visitors have the access to the building 24/7 even when guards are not present in the building.
The cameras of the indoors do not cover a large area of the views within the building. The visitors of the tenant and to the building do not sign in or out when coming to the building for various reasons. The cleaning staff members of the building have no security background checks and they have unwarranted access to every part of the building.
The building has five emergency exists. Boston properties maintain the perimeter security. The security perimeter system contains magnetic contacts on all the doors, and cameras pointed to the entrance to view the people coming in and out of every exit or door. Kastler security Inc. maintains the security systems inside the building (Stroik, 1981). Kastler controls Access within the Devry Center building through the encoded keys. The tenants on the upper floors have access to specific areas within the building and not to all areas. At the entrance to the building the visitors could either take an elevator located directly a head, or walk towards the right where the visitors are all checked by the guard. The guard could ask the visitors to provide their identification details. After the guards finish with the identification of the visitors, the guards call where the visitor is visiting so that they could wait for the visitor at the elevator lobby when the visitor arrives. Employees gain access to the building from any exits or inlets including the...

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