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"Organizational Philosophies And Technology" Deals With The Ethics Surrounding Technology And The Workplace

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Organizational Philosophies and Technology PaperWendy MarkhamUniversity of PhoenixHuman Factors in Technology / TEC401Lowie BrannanMarch 5, 2007Organizational Philosophies and Technology PaperIt is not the ethical standards of a company alone that demand safeguards relating to technology. The absence of certain safeguards and policies not only endangers the confidential data files of a company, but endangers the software and hardware systems utilized by a company and in many cases can affect company morale and productivity. A truly ethical company installs multiple safeguards to protect itself, its employees, and its customers.Technology to Manage ...view middle of the document...

This is often done through the requirement of an array of passwords to access such information to ensure that only authorized persons may access confidential files and information. Those who work with technology everyday may find the multitude of passwords needed for every program they work with to be redundant and overprotective but the danger is very real and the security desperately needed.Technological Data RisksSecurity leaks can come from a multitude of different sources. Some of the most obvious risks come from the storage of confidential information on portable devices such as thumb drives or lap tops. The devices are often taken outside the security of the office and placed at risk for being lost or stolen. A survey of 500 information security professionals revealed that more than 80% of firms have put data at risk by losing a lap top containing confidential information within the past 12 months (Charlesworth, 2006). In January of 2004, two laptops were stolen from the car of a GMAC employee that contained personal information such as credit scores and social security numbers of more than 200,000 customers (McDougall, 2004). The loss of this information can lead to problems such as identity theft and fraud, which is growing at an alarming rate in today's society. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that 4.6% of American consumers have been a victim of identity theft and that this problem has cost businesses over $33 billion in 2004 alone (McDougall, 2004). This evolves the problem into a financial one as well as an ethical one.The loss of portable data sources and admission of unauthorized personnel are not the only risks to sensitive company and client data. Hackers are coming up with new ways everyday to invade computer servers to access confidential information. Just last month, Google, a desktop program used by many individuals and companies, had to fix a flaw that would allow hackers to access all personal documents on a computer through malicious code that would be downloaded onto the system during Google searches (Brodkin, 2007).It is for this reason that most companies will research any new outside technology thoroughly before they ever allow it to be installed into their system. Once it is implemented, it is just as important to make sure that all parties are appropriately trained on all aspects of the program, including security measures. If this research and training is not completed, it leaves the company vulnerable to an array of dangers as shown in figure 1 (Trivisani, 2003).Figure 1. Technology Risks.It is in part due to these types of risks that many companies do not allow outside Internet desktop applications and even limit access to many Internet sites.Technology Policies Versus Corporate CulturePart of a company's corporate culture includes the security policies regarding Internet and email usage. It is not that...

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