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Organizational Performance And Organizational Development Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

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“Organizational Performance & Organizational Development are Two sides of the same Coin”

Submitted to: Mr. Muhammad Ather
Submitted by: Ahmed Fazeel Ghumman
Muhammad Omer Sher
Rana Asif Sardar
Muhammad Salim Qaz

Charles Perrow in his article “ The Short and Glorious History of Organizational Theory ” talks about forces of light ...view middle of the document...

* A shift from self-centeredness to interconnectedness.
* A shift from self-interest to service and stewardship.
In view of this paradigm shift ,the organizations and managers have been discovering and experimenting with new ways and methods to help employees balance work and family. In relation to these practices, organizations in America have been increasing their focus on strategies of empowerment to enable and increase employee involvement and participation. These innovations and new ways of working aim to be mind-enriching, heart-fulfilling, and spirit-growing for employees and still be financially rewarding at the same time.
Organizational performance and Organizational development, although “Are very closely related but seems different”. OP and OD are two inter related elements of every successful organization, that builds on the synergy between planning, assessment and results in the acumen of impact and value. It promotes a set of practices that enable the Organizations to effectively integrate planning, strategy, performance, assessment, and organizational development in order to equip themselves to meet growing future challenges arising from the fluid business environment, thus increasing their ability to adapt.

“A well-designed machine is an instance of total organization, that is, a series of interrelated means contrived to achieve a single end. The machine consists always of particular parts that have no meaning and no function separate from the organized entity to which they contribute. A machine consists of a coherent bringing together of all parts towards the highest possible efficiency of the functioning whole, or interrelationships marshaled wholly towards a given result. In the ideal machine, there can be no extraneous part, no extraneous movement, all is set, part for part, motion for motion, towards the functioning of the whole. The machine is, then, a perfect instance of total rationalization of a field of action and of total organization. This is perhaps even more quickly evident in that larger machine, the assembly line “

John William (1964)

John William’s contextualization of Machine with Organization precisely tells us the interrelationship/ interdependence of Organizational Performance and Organizational Development. Machine is designed for a performance up to a certain level of proficiency as long as it is regularly maintained, but it cannot modify, upgrade and develop itself in view of the ever changing futuristic needs. Same is in case of the organizations, wherein no organization can enjoy absolute and infinite high performance level without aligning and transforming itself with the rapidly changing and complex environments of organizational norms and values through knowledge management. Now as machines needs to be technologically upgraded in line with new innovations, so...

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