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Organizational Leadership Essay

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The Recruitment Process
(Human Resources Department)

Fulfilling the demands of The Human Resources Department can be a very interesting position for its employees. Organizations from all different parts of the world use the HR department as a valuable resource for planning, directing, and coordinating the key functions of a business. HR also consults with executives on strategic planning, along with foreseeing plans the organization will take in the future. Most importantly, the Human Resources Department serves as a link between an organizations management and its employees.
With the countless responsibilities that the HR department deals with, there are bumps in the road along the ...view middle of the document...

Duties, responsibilities, minimum requirements, preferred qualifications, and other general information on the position is included in the description. It is also useful for developing interview questions, evaluations, and is used as a good reference for the recruiter to look back on while on the fly during the interview.
The job description is completed and the next step to the recruitment process is the plan for recruiting. A documented recruiting plan once completed must be issued to the higher-ups in the organization and approved. This plan maps out the strategy for attracting and hiring the best, most qualified individual(s) and also helps ensure that all ethnic backgrounds along with women, veterans, and the disabled are accounted for due to the need of corporate social responsibilities and the social contract. Advertising of the job position can be sent forth through many different methods. Commercials can be costly but very effective if executed correctly. Internet sites all across the web such as give potential employees the ability to upload resumes online, which is efficient for all aspects of the recruitment process. Resume banks are a huge part of today’s society where job seekers can post experience and skill sets which can then be viewed by prospective employers. Even word of mouth throughout the local surrounding communities can be an effective method of advertising an open position.
The unemployment rate in the United States is dropping significantly and the task for recruiting the right person can sometimes be tough as stated before. Many resumes may be sent in that do not fit the position in any way, resulting in the need for rejection letters. Reviewing applications can be stressful and problematic; background checks may be needed, along with the help of another Human Resources employee to revise the few considered resumes. Once the remaining resumes get accepted, the interviewing can start. Calls are made out to the candidates and meeting times are scheduled.
The interview is the single most important step in all of...

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