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Organizational Issues Essay

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Organizational Issues
Devon Okafor
October 30, 2013

Organizational Issues
In the responsibility project discussed, we will view Erin Ganju’s organization “Room to Read” and the important issues viewed in the film that surround this organization and why they are of importance. As Ganju’s embark on her journey across international waters, we will examine the external social pressures Ganju faces, how they may be influencing the organizational ethics. We also determine if these issues hold relevance to influence the decisions made both personally and organizational. Possessing such a global vision, we look to see existing legal challenges, along with ethical matters and how the ...view middle of the document...

Organizational and Personal Decisions
Ganju expresses how richly passionate her parents were when it came to exploring what other cultures, customs, and lifestyles offered, especially abroad. Erin goes on to discuss the dilemma she faces being a mother and finding herself traveling a third of the time as a result of the demands placed on her by her organization. Erin seems to have chosen a solution that accommodates her and her daughter. That is to bring her daughter with her on these expeditions as often as possible; which appears to be quite insight for her as she can view the perspectives her daughter presents based on her observation and interaction. As the CEO of “Room to Read” Erin has been very diligent in establishing Libraries filled with books that read in the native languages. Feedback that Erin receives from her daughter about the academic materials, allows Ganju to get another valid opinion that can help the progress of the movement that has been started. As previously mentioned, lifestyles in the foreign countries visited leaves children left to themselves and engage in activities that are not conducive to productivity. The personal choices of the education committee to support these projects will be a decision there community will benefit from...

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