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Organizational Issues Essay

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Ethics Game Dilemmas
August 7, 2013
Esteban Soto

The Case of the Mysterious Roses and The Case of the Cold Feet
The ethics game simulations in these scenarios took the managers of the organizations through different ethical dilemmas. Until faced with an ethical situation in the workplace you really do not know what your decision would be as a manager. In any situation you have to make the best decision for the organization without compromising your own morals and values. This paper will discuss the ethical dilemmas in these organizations and my decisions of The Case of the Mysterious Roses and The Case of the Cold Feet.
The Case of the Mysterious Roses
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The next step was to determine the duties I owe to the stakeholders. As the Director I have the duty to notify Human Resources when a claim of sexual harassment has been made. The Duty to treat all people with respect and care as I fulfill my responsibility as a manager and the duty to make sure the employees have the information they need to protect themselves in the workplace. The theory of the Results Lens is that people are basically good but sometimes misguided. We as people decide what ethical desires people have that are worthy of our attention. Each stakeholder will be affected by my decision with me having the highest impact because as the director my decisions could affect my career and working relationships with colleagues. Gayle has the lowest impact because even though a primary stakeholder she does not want to be harassed or have her working relationships affected. Making each stakeholder happy is another critical step in the process. The shareholders are happy if leadership conducts business well. Carol in Human Resources is happy if protocols are followed which reduces the risk to the company. I am happy knowing I can prioritize leadership over friendship. Gayle will be happy if the issue is resolved and she is a part of the decision making process. Bill is happy if his name is cleared of any wrong doing and John is happy as long those involved in the process do their jobs and his people are supported. My next step was to choose an ethical path that would create the greatest ethical good for the greatest number of stakeholders. I chose to tell Gayle that I would do my best to address her concerns privately, but I can’t absolutely guarantee confidentiality until I know what the issue is. This was the best option for the Results Lens. This decision rated a 1 which represents very low risk. Options in decision making should always be left open without jumping to conclusions. Concepts from this simulation relate to my workplace in that working for the government harassment of any type is zero tolerance. The first step for the person being harassed is to let the person know their advances are unwarranted. If the behavior continues then there are appropriate protocols that can take place to stop the harassment. An investigation usually determines the outcome of the situation.
The Case of the Cold Feet
In this simulation I am the Senior Scientist of the organization. I received an email from Nikolai Zubanov, a junior researcher telling me the report will have adverse results that have been falsified by Phillip Walters who is the Division Medical Director. The issue is how to balance action to resolve a false report...

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