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Organizational Impact Paper

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Organizational Impact Paper
June 12, 2014
Nikki Jackson

Organizational Impact Paper
Innovation can transform and possibly reinvent services and products to accommodate the needs and demands of the market. Today innovation is taking organizations and rewiring them for growth. In a time of change and reduce profits, organizations are retooling and finding the need to modify business strategy. Without innovative programs or ideas, change is difficult for a business however; change can’t be avoided in this competitive world of business. We will evaluate the impact of innovation on South West Air Line, General Motors, and JCPenny, AT&T, and talk about the impact on strategy, ...view middle of the document...

Pilot, flight attendants, and mechanics only need to know procedures for a single model of Boeing 737” (Dalal, 2006). Furthermore, as the country has faced some rough economic times especially is the airlines industry Southwest has managed to remain at the top in sales, customer service, lower fares, and on time arrivals.
If we take a look at the airline industry, Southwest Airlines exemplifies how a company looks when it uses an innovative organizational strategy. Southwest Airlines is devoted to a high level of customer service. This customer service is driven by company spirit that includes friendliness, warmth, and individual pride. What makes Southwest Airlines unique is the facts that company leaders are willing to be innovative. One of Southwest’s most unique organizational competencies is their capacity to shape and withstand relationships branded by collective goals, joint knowledge, and mutual respect (Pilat, Wyckoff, 2010).

General Motors
By the start of the new millennium, General Motors had erected a robust existence in the developing marketplaces such as Brazil and China, and had mainly accomplished its conversion into a solitary worldwide organization. The introduction of GM Daewoo in 2002 gave GM an innovative business specializing and manufacturing and engineering compact cars, demonstrating a vital increase to Chevrolet’s progression as a worldwide trademark (GM 2014). The creativity, design and, excellence of GM’s innovative automobiles enhanced considerably, but GM found it problematic to recover its portion from its offshore contenders, and legacy price from General Motor’s years as a superior, less proficient business continued to evaluate economic outcomes (General Motors 2014)
GM was persistent to forge forward with electric vehicle technology, designing and developing a series of hydrogen powered fuel-cell innovation and demonstration automobiles this was a period of tremendous innovation for the company (General Motors 2014). In January 2007, GM rocked the automobile industry by the introduction of Chevrolet Volt model; an automobile that operates on battery power, and continues functioning with a range extender once the battery charge is exhausted. The initial creation of the Volts was introduced to customers in late 2010 (GM 2014). GM likewise was the forerunner in flex-fuel automobiles that operates on E85 or either gasoline, and developed a sophisticated two-mode hybrid system to considerably extend the economy of full-size trucks and SUVs (GM 2014).
Noteworthy new models comprised the Chevrolet Equinox crossover, Chevrolet Aveo small car, and the Saturn Sky roadsters and Pontiac Solstice. GMC applies its capitals rapidly and effectually to implement achievability assessments, prototype-testing programs, detailed engineering and, concept selections, where appropriate. Innovation goes deep, and inside their organization they are proud to be at the innovative verge of the business as it continues to thrust...

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