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Organizational Impact Essay

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Organizational Impact Paper
Jonathan Worth
University of Phoenix
December 17, 2013
Roger Sullivan

Establishing an impact in both the service and manufacturing industries require innovation in very similar, yet completely different ways. In order to be successful, certain aspects must be approached to best market each companies product or service. In the service industry, intangibles are what consumers are purchasing, thus the necessity to bedazzle a customer becomes a bit more important than in the manufacturing market. Two companies based in California that use similar yet personal approaches to innovation and making a good impact are Clark Pest Control, and Ahern International ...view middle of the document...

So Clark has worked hard to ensure many different avenues are approached to ensure the customer has had the best service possible. Each customer receives an email confirmation of their service time and date, and another email when the service has just been completed. Clark also requires at least one service per year that the customer is home to do a complete home evaluation with the service technicians. Clark has the largest base of GreenPro certified technician of any pest company in the industry. This shows that Clark is serious about providing an efficient, yet economically friendly treatment that will best serve the community and the earth itself. GreenPro is not a certification that is rendered by the personal company, but rather by the National Pest Management Association. (Clark In an article by Lodi News, Clark was pointed out as being one of the most economically safe pest companies in the industry, not just in California. Using the Green Pro approach, Clark uses herbs such as wintergreen and rosemary in their bates to naturally detract pests in commercial food plants, and restaurants. (Lodi News Sentinel 2008) All in all, Clark Pest Control has become much more than just a catchy commercial. (“Clark, we need you”). They have established themselves as one of the most innovative and successful economically safe companies in the pest industry.

Ahern International Seeds is a manufacturing business located in San Diego, CA and is responsible for innovatively designing safe and marketable produce to grocery stores throughout the country. The innovative value of Ahern is to “. Pursue the discovery of new and better products, services, and ways of working to ensure our partners stay competitive in an ever changing world.”( The goal of Ahern is find ways to create seeds that will help customers in the farming industry put out the best marketable...

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