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Organizational Focus And Goals Essay

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Organizational Focus and Goals

June 2, 2014
Tracey Durden

Organizational Focus and Goals
The Marine Corps is a large organization with roughly 150,000 individuals. That is why the Marine Corps called in CB Consulting. CB Consulting first identified the current focus and overarching goals. They then identified how their training needs relate to their overarching goals. The next item they researched was the effect of the organizations focus and goals on the type and amount of training, followed by how to prioritize training based on organizational needs and current focus. Lastly, CB Consulting explains why businesses must consider organizations overarching goals when prioritizing training.
Current Focus and Overarching Goals
The focus of the Marine Corps has not changed since its foundation in 1775. They are America’s expeditionary force in readiness and the nation’s first line of defense (Marines, 2014).
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Effect of Focus and Goals on the Type and Amount of Training
In the case of the Marine Corps as an organization, focus and goals have a direct effect on the type and amount of training required by the individual Marines. The current mission for the Marine Corps pushes the type and amount of training Marines require and the current mission comes from the global outlook. Currently, with the war in the Middle East, the mission focuses more on winning battles; however, to do that they have to make Marines. Therefore, the current focus and goals of the Marine Corps affect the recruiting command and recruit depots because of the needed influx of new Marines, as well as various leadership-training programs to ensure the new Marines have the guidance needed to complete their various missions.
How to Prioritize Training Needs based on Organizational Needs and Focus
As the current mission dictates, the Marine Corps needs to focus on recruiting the next Marines as the older Marines end their careers. It is a never-ending cycle of the older training the new and as times change, the missions change in order to meet the overarching goals. Finally, as the missions change, Marines receive the specialized training needed to complete them.
Consider Overarching Goals when Prioritizing Training
The missions needed to achieve the overarching goals of the Marine Corps dictate what type of training is most important at any given time. When the war ends, the Marine Corps’ mission will change back to a focus on cultivating quality citizens, because no matter what happens, the overarching goals drive the organization. An organization that does not train to meet their goals will ultimately fail.
The focus and goals of any organization take paramount when identifying and planning training needs. All training needs have to reflect the needs of the business. Because of the critical mission of the Marine Corps, Marines have to have up to date training in all aspects, from weapons handling to new GPS technologies; as a matter of life and death, Marines have to stay ahead of the current adversaries and training is the way to do that.

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