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Organizational Effectiveness Essay

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Organizational Effectiveness
Dexter Roberts
November 11, 2014
Randolph Liverpool

Organizational Effectiveness
Every organization has specific goals and values that it strides to achieve and to analyze the effectiveness of that organization one must first know and understand what those goals are. The criminal justice system has many moving parts which sometimes make it difficult to ascertain if it is effective at fulfilling its mission. This essay will define what organizational effectiveness is, apply theories of organizational effectiveness to the management of criminal justice personnel, as well as describe methods for exerting control in an organizational setting.
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Poor communication can can hinder the efforts of effectiveness, and lack of trust or confidence in the leadership can cause roadblocks in the effectiveness of an organization.
The contingent theory states that the best way to organize a company or to manage personnel is contingent on external or internal situations. This theory measures effectiveness by focusing on several different aspects of the organization, the goals of the organization, the resources, and the internal processes of the organization. The goal theory identifies an organization’s core goals and assess how the group has done in achieving this goal. For example, if a police department has set a goal of decreasing crime in a specific area by 50 percent by the end of the quarter. First , management would find out what the crime rate was the previous year and compare it to what it is now. Next, they would find out what are the top reported crimes in that area and what time these crimes are being reported. Then, managers would increase officer patrols in the area, according to the data when these crimes are occurring. Last, the managers will check the number again at the end of the quarter to see if their efforts were successful. If the organization was successful in reducing crime in the area, one could say that the organizational effectiveness of the police department was efficient.
Another theory used to analyze effectiveness is the internal process approach. This approach measures the internal workings of an organization, from the employees, to policies and procedures. This theory evaluates if the organization provides a productive work environment where employees are happy and divisions mesh well with one another. In the criminal justice system, police officers need to have a healthy work environment with one another because they count on each other to watch their back. Tension or animosity could cause problems in the department and in a dangerous situation someone could get hurt. Happy personnel produce positive results and increase productivity.

In an organizational setting, managers use a variety of methods to exert control within the organization. Leaders usually start with the company’s mission statement to reiterate the goal of the company to the personnel (Suttle, 2014). Goal oriented managers usually establish performance standards for their people. These standards are clear goals that the company wishes to accomplish and a path on how to achieve these goals are also outlined. Delegating certain responsibilities to staff is another way managers control an organization. By delegating certain tasks to subordinates, this gives them a sense of responsibility therefor motivating the employee. Written job...

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