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Organizational Development For Developmental Disabilities School

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Organizational Development a for Developmental disabilities school
Tina Towndrow
BUS 370 Organizational Development
Instructor Jerry Spight
May 22, 2014

Organizational Development for Developmental disabilities school
Starting a nonprofit human services organization in the form of a daycare/learning facility is never an easy task. Difficulties range from funding, experience, cultural acceptance, even parental acceptance. In this paper I plan to discuss my business plan and the difficulties that I face with starting it. I also plan to discuss diagnostic skills to identify OD issues, problems, and opportunities. This paper will also touch on organizational situations that ...view middle of the document...

Often times Rachael would create a lesson plan to teach the children basic things like reading, writing, and math however most if not all of her students were not even developmentally capable of tying their shoes, or even using the rest room properly.
Facility that helps children with mental and developmental disabilities prepare for entering the school system and giving them the tools to succeed with the learn process instead of filtering through.
My role in this facility would be based on experience and education. I have eight years of experience working in the mental health field and have worked with adults that have a wide range of developmental disabilities. Disabilities ranging from Borderline personality disorder, seasonal depression, Downs syndrome, Autism, and extreme violence just to list a few. While developmental disabilities are different in adults then they are in children the real difference is it is harder to diagnose a disorder in a child because often times they cannot be diagnosed until they have reached adolescence. My other role in this business would be utilizing my degree in Business Administration which would give me the tools to run the business on day to day basis.
The structure for this business would be staring out as a day care because every business needs to have a starting point and from there we hope to grow and expand into a daycare/school for children of all ages. We are aware that the ultimate goal for this business is based on having our experience and reputation for having children become successful in the process be known throughout the community and the one way that will happen is by word of mouth by the community and hopefully the school system.
The reason for starting our business out as a daycare in the beginning is based on the fact that it can be difficult for parents with developmentally disabled children to find a daycare that would be willing and able to take on such a task. All children require adequate amount of attention but when you have a child that has Autism (that term is used broadly since there are many forms of Autism) they do require a different form of attention. When teaching a child with Autism some may not have the ability to speak, lack of emotions by sixteen months, even lack of social skills just to list a few so there needs to be someone with experience on how to deal with each child on a different level since no person is the same.
Gradually we would like to expand and have the daycare as well as an after school program for children that are in school and need additional help with not only school work but with life and social skills. This would give the children a chance to interact with kids they are familiar with as well as adults that they have grown to know and trust. It would also give the parents a place for their children to go after school.
From the very beginning of this business we will be running to problems which organizational development...

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