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Organizational Development Essay

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Article Review/Assignment 1: organizational development: begins with a healthy infrastructure
Bruce C. Abbott
May 8, 2016
American Public University

Organizational development is based on the precept of utilizing resources to improve workplace efficiency, while expanding productivity. Proper organizational development is designed to solve problems that develop over time, or to be used as a tool to analyze a process, while finding better ways to incorporate that into the organizations function. Organizational development must be an ongoing and systematic process of changes that will have an overall positive effect on the ...view middle of the document...

The second infrastructure identified in organizational development is conflict management systems. According to McEwan (2015), conflict is accepted and considered to be a tool and catalyst to build the organization to the next level. Some of the common causes of conflict most often consist of; dispute over organizational roles, labor unrest, priority differences, and misunderstood communication (McEwan, 2015).
The third infrastructure system identified for organizational development is educational systems, in which this expresses delivering a broad view in the learning process, such as formal education and training in the organization (McEwan, 2015). This system provides a positive effect on the organizational infrastructure as it provides employees with specific knowledge and skills that will develop leaders within the organization. As McEwan (2015), further indicated from his research, education systems within an organization are important for the positive growth of all employees, starting at the top, and working down to the bottom employee. Focusing on this system does provide for positive organizational development.
The fourth infrastructure system is based on rewards, which motivates employees into positive performance, and places emphasis on keeping employees committed to...

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