Organizational Design Paper

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Organizational Design

Organizational design in health care consists of many components. These components derive from internal and external factors. An organization may follow different designs at different stages of the organization. According to Carroll and Rudolph (2006), “clinicians and managers must design and redesign for their organizations at different organizational stages” (p. i8). The organization this paper will focus on is a non-profit organization operated by a local volunteer board of trustees. Southeastern Health has 452 beds, treats 14,000 inpatients and 76,000 emergency patients annually, consisting of acute, intensive, and behavioral health services. The following ...view middle of the document...

The first line of authority of the nursing department is the vice president of nursing. The organizational structure clearly delineates the roles and responsibilities including order of hierarchy of the different departments in the facility. The nursing department chain of command is the Vice President of nursing, Chief Nursing Officer, Directors, Managers, shift supervisors, and staff. Each manager is held accountable for his or her own unit. Within this unit is a council for decision- making and consists of members from each job description on the unit, including nurses, nursing assistants, and secretaries. Larger councils exist throughout the organization. This is an example of shared governance. The shared governance concept is an approach that capitalizes on staff knowledge of practice and integrates staff participation in nearly all decisions regarding care of patients. It also provides collaboration among disciplines.

Policies and Procedures

Southeastern Health uses policies and procedures to guide all staff members in performing his or her every day responsibilities. These policies and procedures can be organizational or departmental specific. The implementation of policies and procedures at Southeastern Health are supported by evidence based practice and are updated frequently to meet the needs of the community and requirements for compliance. Policy implementation and updates are also necessary in changing behaviors to produce quality outcomes.

Organizational Strategies

The need for change in health care is more evident today than ever. The need for cost cutting within an organization is imperative to its future success. One internal strategy Southeastern Health uses to accomplish cutting costs and removing wastes is the LEAN process. According to Kimsey (2010), “Lean is a process management philosophy increasing efficiency, decreasing waste, and using methods to decide what matters rather than accepting preexisting practices” (p. 53). Every leader within the organization is held accountable for implementing LEAN processes within his or her department.


The services Southeastern Health offers affects the design of this organization. An example of one of these services is accommodating the bariatric population. Achieving this accommodation requires special equipment such as bariatric wheelchairs, beds, stretchers, and diagnostic equipment. This organization also offers weight loss surgery, which requires a surgeon or surgeons specializing in bariatric procedures. Southeastern health is seeking to become a Bariatric Center of Excellence.

External Factors

External factors affecting the design of Southeastern Health include demographic and economic forces, technological advances, regional competition and customer demands for increases in efficiency and quality, and governmental policy changes. These factors are creating challenges within all health care organizations and requiring administrative...

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