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Organizational Culture Profile Essay

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Teamwork and Motivation
Debbie Brown
Dr. Keith A. Graves
Leadership and Organizational Behavior - BUS 520
May 20, 2014

Google Company
Google is a search engine composed of billons of websites. The corporation specializes in internet related services and products which include cloud computing, advertising programs in text ads, and media ads (Page, 2014). The organization was founded by Larry and Sergey Brin and employs more than 40,000 (Page, 2014). Their corporate culture reflects a philosophy that you can “take money without doing evil” and that work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun” (Page, 2014). Their mission is to ...view middle of the document...

Signs of the Culture
The organization reflect a global population in which consist of many languages (Page, 2014). Google employ staff that is smart, determined, and share. Google employees are innovative and share their common goals and visions for the company. They strive to maintain an open culture generally associated with startups, in which everyone is a participant and or contributor (Page, 2014). Google believes everyone should feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions with others.
The offices and cafes are designed to encourage interactions between staff within and across teams, to promote conversations about their work or play. The company offers their employees on site services such as medical, dental valet parking, oil change and bike repair, free washers and dryers, and free breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis to include many gourmet restaurants (Hernandez, 2014). These are all available to keep the staff happy and to keep them focused on the job projects and not worry about the day to day task concerns. The company is interested in the well- being of the staff and offers a wide variety of opportunities for educational leave up to 5 years, unlimited sick leave, and 500.00 dollars for take – out meal fund for new parents (Hernandez, 2014).
Google/Transformation Leadership Style
The transformational leadership model is composed of high levels of communication from management to meet goals and motivate employees, enhance productivity and efficiency. Leaders focus on the organizations goals and are able to delegate smaller tasks to the team to accomplish goals. Google have the aspects of leadership that inspire their employees in productive development and innovative accomplishments. The atmosphere is conducive to promote sharing of ideas, and opinions. Leadership is open to the ideas and opinions from their staff and is encouraged to talk directly to them.
Factors That Caused Organizational Culture Change
The Google organization is mostly staffed by men and executives; however, they wanted to increase their number of female employees (Manjoo, 2014). The Human Resources department noticed a problem concerning women leaving the company. Also, these women were those...

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