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Organizational Culture At Apple Inc Essay

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IntroductionApple Inc. is a global computer manufacturing company that is going through major changes in its organizational culture and it’s organizational structure due toseveral events of the past few years. This is a company that grew extremely fast in little time, that their management found themselves not being able to keeptheir operations and finances under control. Apple Inc. has been forced to reevaluate and redesign it’s organizational culture and organizational structure to avoid bankruptcy.The organizational culture of Apple is one of change; with the drive to outperform and succeed as their major objectives. The organizational structure of the company has also transformed to be ...view middle of the document...

Apple was doing incredibly well and had gotten the attention of many people because the company worked well and was very responsive to change. However, things took a downward turn and Apple found themselves in a financial nightmare. Apple suffered problems in regional areas, specifically in the accountability of spending and in fiscal decision-making. The same "top-down" ideology that helped Apple grow also openedthe door for some serious financial losses. With employees at different levels making decisions, it became difficult for the corporate office to keep track of spending and purchasing (Offermann & Spiros, 2001, pp 376-92).Behavior at work (personality traits)Apple Inc. case studyPersonality refers to the relatively stable pattern of behaviors and consistentinternal states that explain a person

s behavioral tendencies. Personality has both internal and external elements. The external traits are the observable behaviors that people rely on to identify someone

s personality. Personality is bothinherited and shaped by the environment (Mc Shane and Travglione, 2005, pp 89-290). Some examples of personality traits are quiet, aggressive and ambitious (Robbins et al., 2003, pp 178-90).While working overtime late one night, you accidentally overhear a colleague called Amanda having a telephone conversation in which she states that she had stolen ideas from a co-worker and close friend of yours called Bill. Amanda recentlyreceived a prestigious promotion on the basis of stealing Bill

s ideas, while Bill has been reprimanded by his manager for not performing up to the organization’s expectations (Glinow, 2003, pp 189-67).Values, perceptions and personality traits are the key concepts that shape an in


s behavior and way of doing things in day to day life as well as in organizational factors and issues. That is why the study of these concepts is vitalin the context of organizational behavior theory. In the following, the issue talks about a dispute about a staffer named Amanda stealing another staffer namedBill

s idea and later Bill got reprimanded. In a circumstance like this, it isto be determined how an honest employee who had known about the theft and misdeed towards Bill should react in an organizational setting depending on the employee

s own values, perception and personality(Sagie & Elizur, 2002 pp.503-14).Self-Esteem and Self-EfficacySelf-Esteem is a personal judgment of ones worth and the satisfaction ordissatisfaction with ones own self. By this definition Self-Esteem is how eachindividual person views them selves as a person both mentality and physically. According to William James, a psychologist, self esteem involves only one mentalperception of their own qualities and their physical apperance (Glinow, 2003, pp189-67). Self esteem plays n important role of who people are nd starts at very young age. There are both positives nd negative cycles of self esteem. Self esteem is th one of th...

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