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Organizational ConflictBusiness 220Bennie FeltsMalcolm DavisJanuary 28th 2005Conflict, where would we be without it? Conflict arises from differences, and when individuals come together in teams, their differences in terms of power, values, and attitudes contribute to the creation of conflict. To avoid the negative consequences that can result from disagreements, most methods of resolving conflict stress the importance of dealing with disputes quickly and openly. Conflict is frequently characterized as a controversy between interrelated individuals who intervene with one another in reaching their objectives.Conflict has both positive and negative aspects. Sometimes the result of conflict can ...view middle of the document...

Improved communication is the key to keeping work teams on course. Because of the rapid change in corporate society of today, this remains true more than ever before. One conflict in organizations is not being able to adapt to changing situations. Change of time, as well as place for meeting places, are facts of life. When organization members do not make themselves available, do not pay attention, and do not inform each other on time, these issues can cause problems. Another conflict within a group is lack of clear direction.There are several types of conflict that involve more than one person. Conflict involving one person only is called intrapersonal. Intrapersonal conflict arises when a person has trouble selecting from among goals (Certo 377). The different types of conflict involving more than one person are: Interpersonal conflict, structural conflict and strategic conflict.Interpersonal conflict is the conflict that arises when two or more persons can not get along together. Examples include differences of opinion to dislike for one another. This is not limited to employees only; it can go all the way to the top level of management. Interpersonal conflict is extremely detrimental to production, quality and harmony.Structural conflict is the way an organization is set up. It may be set up in a way that constantly puts departments at odds with one another. Sharing resources is a contributing factor in structural conflict. When different departments have to compete for the same resource conflict is sure to develop. This problem requires the attention of upper level management to aid in the resolution.Strategic conflict is intentionally initiated. The intention of the conflict is to increase performance of the department. By creating an environment of competition among employees management can increase production. The competition can be for a promotion or a bonus. It is like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey and he will try harder to get it. This is an example of conflict with a positive aspect.Managing conflict requires careful planning and analysis of the situation. One way to resolve conflict is to use the conflict resolution procedure. This procedure is a seven step action that will help resolve that the conflict at hand. Managers have to be careful not to appear to take sides in conflict disputes.In order to solve a conflict the supervisor must first understand it. Listening is the best way to find out what the problem is. The more people involved the more complicated it is to understand. Asking for examples of the conflict will help make it clearer to see...

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