Organizational Communications: Global Communications Essay

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Organizational Communications: Global Communications
The senior leadership team of Global Communications is faced with the task of problem-solving and decision-making under extreme economic pressures. The company stock has fallen in value more than 50 percent, the stockholders are unsettled with low returns, and increased competition has caused a loss of market share. They must develop a strategy that improves profitability and productivity, and increases their global presence to ensure success in the future. A key component to the development of this strategy is communications. Without effective communication, Global Communications cannot outline, communicate, implement and measure their ...view middle of the document...

Managers must strive to eliminate as many barriers to communication as possible to make sure their message is received and understood.
In reviewing the Global Communications Scenario, communication plays a large role in the way that the senior leadership team’s strategy is received by the stakeholders. The leadership team made several missteps that led to its current situation. The leadership team failed to consider the impact of its aggressive strategy to all of its stakeholders, and withheld information at key points in the decision-making process that affected multiple groups. By not effectively communicating its plans, it has alienated key stakeholders and created a sensitive situation.
One major issue facing Global Communications is the lack of support from the Technologies Workers Union (TWU). In the past, the TWU has been a good partner with Global Communications. Even through strained negotiations, Global Communications and the TWU were able to maintain a good communication channel through the Union Vice President Maria Antez. Without the backing from the Union, the company will find it difficult to conduct negotiations for the call-centers it retains domestically in the future. The Union has also stated it will pursue legal remedies, and other appropriate actions regarding Global Communications plans to offshore outsource its employees. When the senior leadership team pursued their strategy to outsource to offshore locations, they failed to involve the Union in their discussions. This has left the Union with a feeling of distrust in the company and its goals for the future. The TWU already gave up many concessions in their last bargaining agreement and they now feel that Global Communications purposely withheld their plan to eliminate jobs.
A second issue facing Global Communications is its lack of prompt communication to its workers about its plans for the future. The employees, being faced with layoffs, relocations and salary reductions, need to be communicated a concise, committed and consistent message from the leadership team about the future of the company, employees and other stakeholders. Because of the failure to provide information in a timely manner, employees may first hear about the layoffs and outsourcing plan via the media. News then spreads via the informal grapevine throughout the organization regarding job security, closures, and mistrust of the leadership team. In this method of communication, information is often distorted, omitted and embellished. Because of this, information is sometimes so distorted that it escalates rather than reduces employee anxiety. (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005) Employees rely almost solely on this source of information, especially in times of rapid change. Management must send firm and consistent message to alleviate anxiety over news spread via this...

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