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Organizational Communication Report

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Organizational Communication Report
Barbara Stump
Jones International University
BC345: Organizational Communication

December 25, 2011


Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. It is appropriate at any age and at any stage of an illness, and it can be provided along with treatments that are meant to cure. I have added my thought on 21st century trend. I had gathered my data by Other Reports. The goal of Palliative care team offers a variety of services in relieving the suffering and improves quality of life for both the patient and their family. The quality of the Nurse-patient is priceless, the nurse participants found that their ...view middle of the document...

I will conclude the report with a final reflection on how human communication processes operate to change the organizational reality, and how the communication competencies of each individual contribute to effective organizational communication.
Profile of Palliative Care
Palliative Care show compassionate care for people facing a life-limiting illness or injury. It involves a team-oriented approach to expert medical care, pain management, emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to the patient's needs and wishes. Support is provided to the patient's loved ones as well. 
There have been many changes in the 21st century trends. I heard on the news that they are bridging the digital divide, my understanding is that they are making the internet available for low income families whom have children in school that are receiving free lunch to get broadband internet for only 9.95 a month. (Cohen, 2011) I think it’s a good idea because a lot of homework involves the internet. Computers are full of information that helps us communicate. That will also help with the diversity in the world, I always go online to use the Google translator to help me better understand my sister-in-law whom is from a different culture, the Philippines.
My plans on gathering the data for my organizational communication report on Palliative Care is by Other Reports, which is information provided by a person involved in the organization about another person’s experience, behavior, perceptions, intentions or motivations.(Addesso, 2011, Theme 4) I will be getting my information from articles that I may retrieve from the internet. I’m hoping I can find one of the Care facilities close by where I live so I can setup an interview.
Analysis of a Relationship in Palliative Care

The element that I had searched and studied was basically the internet. I found several websites, online newsletters that provided a lot of information and an example of a memo that were sent out to the employees. (Johnson, 2003)
I found that according to the scientific management theories the three insights that I learned about were organized according to the principles of those theories were structured as bureaucratic structures (Shockley-Zalabak, 2011) which, one is the rules, the ground rules for the palliative care program is to always maintain confidentiality and respect each other’s privacy. Careers who are participating in the education session need to know that what they say is not going to be repeated so they can be frank and participate fully. All feelings are acceptable, both positive and negative, and try to avoid side conversations. ("Hospital-based Group Education Program," 2010-2011, para. 1) The rewards are tied to participation into taking care of the patients and their families, not just performance and their interpersonal skills are highly valued. (Addesso, 2011, Theme 2)
The goal of the Palliative Care Program is to help and encourage the quality of life of patients and...

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