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Organizational Communication Information Flow Essay

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Organizational Communication Information Flow

The United States Army is considered by many as one of the most organized group both in terms of hierarchy and communication networks. This is based upon its traditional code of conduct that every Army unit operates at heart. Most important element in the Army is that it upholds specific chain of command without question, which can be distinguished by rank. Those who violate this primary rulebook and conduct is punished severely and, this is a common practice by the organization. Thus, the top official of the Army, as figureheads of the organization ideology, set tasks and commandeer the entire organization. Their orders trickle down to all ...view middle of the document...

What is communicated during these training is a strong sense of value-based leadership and subordinates get to see that their leaders lead by example, so they are encouraged to the same.
Fortunately, these leadership trainings turned out to be useful in this evolving age of faster strikes and faster information flow, especially in the increasing situations of unconventional, urban warfare utilized by terrorist groups. Now, leaders need to be dispersed across the organization. Though centralization is still the key factor in the Army, the time it takes for an official to react in response to an incident has become slow. Decentralization has then become the trend wherein the decision-making power of Army units have been utilized in tandem with the leaders disperse across the board. Decentralization involves consolidating groups to enhance coordination process and prioritization of operations. This eliminates duplication. Moreover, consolidating groups would create a unified strategy focus among government departments that follows a clear set of objectives. Pulling groups together strengthens the effectiveness of incident response departments....

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