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Organizational Commitment And Communication Essay

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Organizational Commitment and Communication
The Starbucks Corporation is a multi-billion dollar driving force in the coffee industry, and ever since acquiring its nearest competitor, Seattle’s Best Coffee in 2007, the company is inescapable. Starbucks’ success is accredited to charismatic leadership as well as a mutual respect of its employees. The company strives to promote effective management, the need for training and development, a supportive work environment, and a standard of equality within the workforce and for their product.
Starbucks is a company focused on the customer experience, its employees, and improving the planet. The founder and Chief Executive Officer, Howard ...view middle of the document...

Although proper selection is important to ensure that the employee has the right personality and experience for the job, it is through extensive training that the company has the opportunity to express its ideals. Through effective training companies can promote “an understanding about content themes critical to effective visions… We also can teach skills such as trust building and mentoring. And leaders can be taught situational-analysis skills” (Robbins & Judge, p. 457). The Starbucks Corporation realized the imminent need to improve basic operations so much so that in 2008 the chain closed ‘all of its 7,100 U.S. [sic] stores for three hours of employee training. The goal: Foster enthusiasm among the company’s 135,000 U.S. [sic] employees and improve the quality of Starbucks’ drinks” (Perry, p. 26). Using the power tactic of inspirational appeals, the company re-directed the focus back to the customers’ experience and the product, which have been core values of Starbucks all along.
Within the Starbucks Corporation there are many dynamics of power. Howard Schultz, the Chief Executive Officer, is creative and innovative but willing to give up some of his legitimate power to others in the company who believe that additional research will advance growth and profitability. Schultz states “I despise research…I think it’s a crutch. But people much smarter than me pushed me in this direction, and I have gone along” (Berfield, p. 32). Rational persuasion, or “presenting logical arguments and factual evidence to demonstrate that a request is reasonable” (Robbins & Judge, p. 476) is an effective way to transform the current outlook of a company or group of individuals. By appealing to Schultz using the collective goal of increasing revenue and improving operations, the upper management at Starbucks proves that additional research is necessary to accomplish their objectives.

The Starbucks vision is about creating a culture and an experience. Each store promotes a relaxing environment with inviting chairs, soothing music, and the intoxicating aroma of brewed coffee. The experience is responsible for attracting customers willing to pay more for a cup of coffee. In addition to creating a dynamic culture for the customer, Starbucks also attempts to transcend the experience of the employees. By created equity among all employees, full-time and part-time, and offering health benefits and stock options to everyone, the partners believe they are appreciated and valued. According to Robbins and Judge, p. 203, “If we perceive our ratio to be equal to that of the relevant others with whom we compare ourselves, a state of equity is said to exist. We perceive our situation as fair—that justice prevails.” This perception of equality among all employees increases their motivation to do well and at the same time...

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