Organizational Change: Part Iii Essay

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Organizational Change Plan: Part III
September 16, 2013
Professor Georgetta Baptist

Organizational Change Plan: Part III
The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) is currently attempting to implement an extensive change by establishing a new needle exchange program within Duluth, Minnesota. It has become apparent that the prevalence and incidence of Hepatitis C and HIV cases are steadily increasing, resulting in a strong need for a prevention facility such as this. Consequently, ARCW management must assess the overall readiness for change within the organization. By utilizing internal and external resources, identifying significant roles within ...view middle of the document...

Since the new Duluth exchange program was designed to mirror the Superior facility, assessing these factors allows management to determine if the new change bas been effective thus far.
More directly, it would be wise to evaluate specific numbers regarding the individuals that frequent the facility and the numbers of HIV and Hepatitis C tests that are performed on a regular basis. Of course, management must take into consideration that it will take time to build a client base. However, very low numbers after a certain period of time may indicate that the change process is not as effective as originally hoped and that intervention is needed (Gilley, Gilley, & McMillan, 2009). Although ARCW is a non-profit organization, financial donors base monetary donations on how well the facility meets the needs of the community. If the new needle exchange program is not meeting the minimally set goals and outcomes, financial resources may be threatened, indicating a lack of organizational change effectiveness.
Although it would be most effective to assess more objective aspects of the organizational implementation process, gathering subjective feedback from the individuals that utilize the services directly may be an excellent way to assess the effectiveness of the organizational change. Since the ultimate goal is to meet the needs of the clients that visit the facility, these individuals are the perfect evaluators of whether the organization is, more or less, effective. Schwartz (2013) states that surveys or questionnaires implemented to monitor important elements with regard to organizational change provide a structured approach to identifying organizational change risks and pitfalls. By conducting surveys with both clients and employees on a regular basis, management can compare surveys and evaluate problem areas while providing direct attention and intervention, as needed (Schwartz, 2013).
Outcome Measurement Strategies Related to Change
According to Gilley, Gilley, and McMillan (2009), organizations must assess the organization’s ultimate objectives regarding the change process to ensure that they are actually measurable. When assessing these outcomes, Gilley, Gilley, and McMillan (2009) recommend that management prioritize the main objectives and measure those that are most vital to the intended results of the change process.
Due to the non-profit nature of the organization, outcome measurement strategies may differ from those of a for-profit organization and be difficult to analyze. Strategically, it may be helpful to hire an outside professional to assist in analyzing the organizational change process. They may possess knowledge regarding various tools, models, and standards surrounding this analysis that staff members may lack. One strategy that may be utilized is issue log monitoring. Immediate concerns or problems must be documented in a unit or organizational log for further assessment where the frequency and severity of issues can...

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