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Organizational Change Management Essay

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It is human nature to be reluctant to change. Employees are creatures of habit and may need time to adjust to the changes that occur in the workplace. Managers can take extra precautions to help alleviate some of the confusion and stress associated with change by following a four step communication plan. The steps are to set the stage for acceptance, create the frame for information to be interpreted, manage the mood for employee’s emotional state, and reinforce the desired changes.
In order for management to set the stage, they need to be upfront and honest. Regardless of what the plan to be executed is and what type of news you have to give, it is always best to give the truth to the ...view middle of the document...

Managing the mood can prove to be a tricky task when dealing with organization wide changes. Morale can be low when layoffs are a possibility and there is more bad news to deliver. Management must create a balance between the good and the bad news and deliver the news in a positive and appropriate way. During a companywide change, good communication is the key component. By remaining optimistic and keeping employees focused on the good things to come, Levy was able to keep morale high and accomplish the desired changes necessary to keep the hospital improvement continuing strong.
In order to continue the desired outcome, reinforcement of good behavior is necessary. By providing feedback and reinforcement for good habits and performance, employees are encouraged to work hard and not give up on their position or the company. It shows they are not unnoticed and appreciated during an often difficult time.
I had never really heard of such an outlined four step program for organizational change. I think the four steps are a great way to stay on task and...

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