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It doesn’t matter if it is an organization or a team, we are living in a fast pace society and it is essential to allow change to keep up. Due to globalization our markets are fuller with endless opportunities to raise revenue which will lead to growth. Our markets have become so diverse with a variety of needs that one must understand that there are certain expectations that must be met in order to satisfy consumers which can only be met with collaboration. It is critical for management and leaders to be able to manage organizational change because the purpose for this change is to improve the organization’s effectiveness and the people within that organization.
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It is not like there is an over abundance of schooling or lectures on the topic of change or even organizational change, so many have to learn on the self-taught method, while a select few are fortunate enough to have had some form of guidance or training along their journey. Whenever the goal is for change it will always be met with opposition and resistance. The old cliché’; “I know what I have, I don’t know what I will get” is what causes many to be skeptical and they would prefer for things to remain as is. Change may also infringe on the core belief or values that the organization was built on. Sometimes it is only one person who is initiating the change, either by choice, or necessity and they must have a vision and be able to persuade all existing staff that the transition will be beneficial for revenue and the company as a whole. This is a task that is very difficult to take on, since they have to prove that they will be a constant, and the plan is realistic. They will be faced with even more obstacles if they cannot persuade board members or management to follow suite in a team effort. (McNamara)
A successful organizational change requires some basic elements; there needs to be a motivating change and a vision. While political support is the backbone to any organizational change. To sustain momentum the transition must be managed. (Cummings & Worley, 1995)
Open communication and education is the key element to a successful change, and to reduce resistance. Those involved must be allowed to express their feelings, give feedback and concerns, if they are not given the opportunity to participate it will lead to defiance and frustration. Meetings and forums must be held and plans must be carried out. The plan itself might change but all must be keep informed so should they have questions they can be answered. Focus needs to remain on why the change is important, and the long term goal. Give the staff a time frame for the transition. Organizational change, might be planned or not planned, if may only involve a part or some of the organization, it may need to be gradual verses immediate. Organizations may involve a consultant to oversee the transition or have someone in charge of the plan, this individual might delegate certain jobs to team members, maybe hearing employees concerns, and how the transition is effecting the employees. There are many tasks that must be overseen, but participation among all is crucial, their involvement how the project is carried out will give a sense of partnership and responsibility. This will be a stressful time for all involved, and will most likely take longer than originally anticipated. Focus and perspective are key elements to a successful transition. When seeking change, control is not the best strategy, rather, understand, expect and manage the change that is being sought after. Closure to the plan must be felt with a celebration of completion by all who participated. (McNamara)
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